Crafting the Perfect Feline Paradise: Feandrea Clickat Offers the Ultimate Solution

Do you find your home's floor space insufficient for your cat's playful antics? Feandrea Clickat presents the answer - wall-mounted cat furniture, transforming your walls into a cat's dream playground.

Features of Feandrea Clickat

  • Craft a Thriving Paradise: Feandrea Clickats offer a dynamic and unparalleled environment that stimulates your cat's inherent instincts, fostering both physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Shield Your Valued Belongings:Feandrea Clickats safeguard your cherished furniture by drawing your cat's attention to a designated scratching area, saving your possessions from their sharp claws.
  • Personal Kingdom: Being territorial creatures, cats value their exclusive space, instilling in them a sense of pride and security.
  • Skyward Exploration: Cats relish climbing heights and perching on elevated spaces; Feandrea Clickats provide the perfect platform for them to survey their territory from an elevated vantage point.
  • Cozy Havens for Rest and Rejuvenation:Clickats frequently feature snug hideaways and lounging areas, offering cats a safe and secluded haven to rest, nap, and rejuvenate.

Types of Feandrea Clickat

Feandrea offers an extensive range of wall-mounted cat furniture to cater to your diverse needs and tastes.
1.DIY Cat Wall Furniture:
Feandrea Clickat presents individual products, empowering you to DIY your unique cat wall playground.
  • Wall-Mounted Cat House with Viewing Window: This wall-mounted cat house features a window, allowing your cat to safely observe their surroundings, while also enabling you to monitor your feline friend without causing any disturbance.
  • Fabric Padded Wall Stand: Adorned with a felt rug, this wall shelf offers your cat a comfy place to rest. The removable feature allows you to clean or replace them, maintaining your cat's space in pristine condition.
  • Cat Scratching Post with Two Platform Areas: This scratching post comprises 3 sections for cats of all sizes to stretch and scratch, with 2 fan-shaped platforms facilitating easy climbing and a comfortable resting area.
  • Wall-Mounted Cat Bridge with Fabric Pads: The extra-wide wall deck provides ample room for your feline friend to stretch out, move around, or snuggle up comfortably for a relaxing nap. The robust and stable design can support a certain weight, ensuring your cat's safety at high places.
  • Wall-Mounted Cat Cabinet with Bowl: If you have other pets at home, a cat cabinet with dual raised bowls can keep your cat food out of reach, safeguarding your feline friends while saving floor space for a peaceful dining experience.
  • Cat Tree with Scratching Post and Ladder: This includes a padded cat nest for privacy and comfort, multiple platforms, a scratching post, and a ladder for playful interaction, offering your cat ample space to explore and rest. Multiple cats can enjoy this together!
2.If DIY isn't your thing, we also provide ready-made sets. Simply follow the assembly instructions:
  • Five-Piece Set of Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture: This is a cat furniture set we have curated for you, including a cat stand, cat hammock, ladder with cat hammock, cat scratching post, and cat house. Combining cubic and round design elements, it seamlessly blends into your home decor while offering cats a unique space.
  • Seven-Piece Set of Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture: This set includes a cat tree, cat staircase, cat stand, large cat stand, cat hammock, ladder with cat hammock, and a cat cabinet with bowls. It integrates multiple platforms like cat scratching boards, cat ladders, cat nests, and cat posts, satisfying their scratching and climbing instincts while catering to their dietary needs.
  • Ten-Piece Set of Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture: Building on the seven-piece set, this model adds a scratching post, wall cat house, and a cat bridge to expand the cat's activity space.

Buying and Placement Guide

  • Stable Construction: Choose products made with high-quality materials to ensure stability and durability that can accommodate your cat's activities.
  • Size and Design: When selecting the right wall-mounted cat furniture, consider your available space and your cat's needs. Take into account your cat's preference for platforms, hideaways, and scratching surfaces.
  • Easy Maintenance: Opt for wall-mounted cat furniture with removable and washable elements for effortless cleaning and maintaining freshness.
  • Placement Notes: Position the Clickat in your cat's favorite spot or near a window for them to observe the outside world. Ensure it's placed away from any hazards or obstacles that could harm your cat.
  • Step by Step Introduction: Introduce the cat furniture to your cat gradually, using treats or toys as motivation. Allow them to explore and adapt to this new feature at their own pace.

How to Build a Wall Cat Run

Our products come with detailed instructions for assembly. You can also DIY, making the process a fun activity. Of course, you can directly consult our customer service staff for assistance.

Investing in a Feandrea Clickat offers numerous benefits for both you and your feline companion. FEANDREA Clickat provides an enriching environment for cats to play, exercise, scratch, and climb, all while safeguarding your furniture and fostering a contented feline companion. So, choose the right wall-mounted cat furniture set or DIY cat wall furniture yourself, and gift your furry friends the ultimate paradise they deserve, where they can revel in the joy of climbing, scratching, and lounging.

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