The Best Double Desks for Home Offices

To work productively and creatively in your home office with your spouse or someone else, you should - if possible - create separate work areas. However, if only one room is available for a shared home office, you may have to reevaluate your options.

Sharing an office isn't always simple, but working together is absolutely feasible with the correct workplace layout. This can be two separate desks or at least separate work areas on the same table. In this post, we give you some tips for two-occupant workplaces and recommend suitable double workstation desks.

Working Together In One Home Office - Our Tips

You definitely have to adjust a little bit to work under the same roof with your roommate or partner. Especially when it's the same roof you eat, sleep, and relax under. However, you can indeed create some pretty great home office designs for the two of you. But where to start when thinking of ideas for a shared home office?

Start With Function And Style
When you're setting up a home office for two, it's all about function first and foremost. So make sure the space works for both of you and meets each person's needs.

However, style is always worth considering. Even though you and your new "colleague" probably have different design tastes, you don't have to furnish your workspace in one style or have matching desks. However, it's helpful to have a consistent style throughout the space. That way, you'll keep your home office from looking like a flea market.

Find desks that fit each of your styles and needs. But consider investing in desks with the same design. This can give your space a sense of coherence. The same goes for chairs. Opt for chairs whose elements echo each other, whether in shape, style, or material. And if you're really colleagues and want a collaborative space, keep that in mind when designing the room.

Once you have the great home office furniture pieces in place, you can add your personal flair to your workspace. This will make each workspace unique to the person who uses it.

Make the Most of A Small Space
Just because you only have a small space to work in doesn't mean you can't make it a home office for two. If you're looking for ideas for a small home office, start by placing the two desks against walls that are perpendicular to each other - this is the best arrangement to get as much out of the space as possible without making the room feel cluttered. Opt for desks and chairs with light, open frames. This will result in less visual clutter and make the room feel more open and airy. If possible, choose matching desks and chairs - this makes a small space look more uniform.

Sit Back to Back
Easily distracted? Sit back-to-back with your partner so you're not as tempted to distract them - or yourself - during the day. However, if you opt for swivel chairs, you can both turn and talk when you need a break.

Hide Your Home Office In Another Room
If you're really short on space, you can just tuck a two-person workstation into another room - whether it's a home office in the living room, a guest room, or even a large master bedroom. Instead of two desks, we recommend a long, narrow desk or even a console table.

This is also a great option if only one adult works from home, but you also have a child who needs to work on school supplies in the same room.

Create Two Separate Zones
If you have the space, we love the idea of home offices with two desks and creating two distinct work areas. Start by placing your desks on opposite sides and ends of the room so that you each have as much dedicated space as possible. Then add some shelving to each zone for office supplies and personal items.

Create a Work Zone With One Wall
If you like the idea of a symmetrical and streamlined design, opt for a side-by-side work area in front of one wall. With a storage cabinet between the desks, you'll have plenty of space between your workstations and plenty of surfaces to work on, too!

Build a Co-Working Space at Home
If you run a small business from home and have business partners or employees who also work from home, you can set up a co-working space. If you opt for a dining room table in your home office instead of multiple desks, you can fit more people in one room and still give everyone the workspace they need. However, this is definitely a setup geared toward working with laptops, as there is no room for computer monitors here.

One of the best ways to implement a functioning co-working space is using a two-person desk. We recommend using an L-shaped home office desk for this purpose, especially when your office space is limited.

Our Top Picks for 2023

Space-Saving Corner Computer Desk

The VASAGLE large desktop offers ample storage, capable of holding up to 110 lb. Naturally, a stable base keeps it all up, and this comes in the form of a robust steel frame.

Both sides of this space-saving study desk are the same length, making it easy to fit into almost any office corner. The back corner is cut off to allow cables to go where they need to - perfect when used by two people so that the cables don't entangle each other.

- Large table top
- Modern greige finish
- High stability and durability
- Easy assembly


Industrial L-shaped Computer Desk with Monitor Stand

This desk is perfect if one person works on a desktop computer and the other with a laptop. The elevated monitor stand can be mounted anywhere along the table and guarantees a perfect view when working on the computer.

The desk comes with adjustable feet - so you don't have to worry about the desk wobbling while typing or if the floor is slightly uneven.

- Large table top
- Industrial style
- Elevated monitor stand
- Adjustable feet


Desk With Integrated Cabinet

This sturdy desk has one file drawer and two shelves, offering ample storage room without taking up more space. Measuring 53.9” x 59.1” x 29.5”, you'll have plenty of space for work. The smooth desk surface is made of particleboard, carried by a sturdy and stable frame.

- Integrated file cabinet
- Smooth desk surface
- Easy assembly
- Adjustable feet



Having two people in one home office doesn't have to be a hassle. You may have to compromise to make sure that the needs of both are met and you certainly should make the most of the space you have, regardless of how large or small it is.

Buying the right furniture is also essential when it comes to creating a productive working environment for two people in one room. A double desk or an L-shaped desk can go a long way in making your home office as pleasant as possible for both of you.

Hint: To find more L-shaped desks, simply type "l-shaped computer desk" into the search bar of our store.

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