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Smoky Grey Cat Tree

Smoky Grey Cat Tree

FEANDREA SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts Kitty Tower Furniture Pet Play House Bed Grey UPCT85G
$81.99 $89.99 -9%
SKU: UPCT85G | ( 9 Reviews ) Free Shipping

Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 9 Reviews
  • Patti P.
    Sturdy, easy to assemble Sturdy, easy to assemble, soft and cushy material. Most importantly, my cats love it....View more
  • David B.
    This one is very nice. This one is very nice. Sturdy, lots of places for the cats to explore, and plush. The top two pods are really soft and the cats love it. 5 stars!...View more
  • Tia
    The tree hold up my 3 cats well I cannot say enough about the quality of this Cat Tree. I have three good sized cats who are active and can really be hard on things. This is holding up amazingly well. It has never threatened to tip, all the platforms are VERY strong. There were extra parts, including extra toys! The assembly was clear and concise. I was able to easily put It together and into place on my own....View more
  • Shelby
    Recommend this as a good buy Delivered early. A bit shorter than what was expected but not bad. It’s more wider and shorter than most cat trees I’ve seen. But the cats seem the like a lot. It does have bells on the little ball attachments but they are removable. Made with a soft material and has cushioning on the top platforms. I do recommend this as a good buy....View more
  • Chinhua Wang
    My cat loves it My 1.5 year old cat loves the tree. She used to sleep on top of our blanket but now she sleeps on the tree....View more

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