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Whip Your Home Office Into Shape

Published on 3/3/2022

With many people working remotely, it's essential to have a home office that caters to your work life. Stay productive and organized with these quick tips that'll have you working like a pro.

Expand Your Work Station

Although this requires a more financial investment, a great way to improve your home office is by getting an L‑shaped desk with a spacious table-top and storage options. It's not enough to have a basic desk because you'll find that it quickly fills up, leaving you little‑to‑no room to work, much less think. With more space and structure, you'll be more productive than ever.

Store Your Office Supplies

Sometimes people overlook the power of shelves. When it comes to your home office, it's important to have a cabinet or two so you can efficiently store your work materials. The additional shelves will offer some much‑needed storage space, which is perfect for organizing your books and supplies. Better yet, it will keep these items out of sight, giving your office a clean and sleek look.

Maximize Your Printing Station

Do you have a stack of paper and ink cartridges scattered by your printer? One of the simplest ways to neatly arrange all of these printing essentials is to elevate your printing station with a stand. A printer stand takes up little space while offering more storage for your printing supplies, giving you and your home office more breathing room.

File Your Important Documents

Depending on your work, you may have important or confidential files that you need instant access to. Instead of having them litter your desk, a file cabinet is a sure-fire way to keep these documents in order. It's also essential to get a file cabinet with a lock and key as it'll bring you some peace of mind to know your private files are safe and secure.

Utilize Your Wall Space

Believe it or not, wall space is often overlooked as an opportunity to add more storage and style. With a home office, you might be working within a limited area so it's critical to work with what you have. Floating shelves provide that extra bit of room you need to round off the look in your office, whether it's to place succulents, a clock or even a small calendar.

Declutter Your Desk

Let's face it: It can be tricky to keep your desk tidy after a few hours of work. Amid meetings and projects, it's easy for loose papers and work materials to pile up. A quick way to handle this issue is to get some on‑desk organizers that will give your space some structure and order. From stationery to office decor, an organizer will help keep your work area uncluttered.

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