Mirrors and Lights Give Your Entryway A Larger Feel

Published on 10/8/2019

It's vital to leave a space for all your coats and hats. When you have your storage areas figured out,

think further of making the place looks more spacious and nicely illuminated.

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Extend Entryway A Little for More Space
Extend Entryway A Little for More Space The entryway in some houses are awkward and tight. The walls on one or both sides might be so close to the door frame that leaves you with little room for adequate storage.
Have Your Entryway Storage Vertical
Have Your Entryway Storage Vertical Want to add storage to your entryway without taking up the entirety of your floor? Then think vertically!
A Photographer's Favorite Corner
A Photographer's Favorite Corner Don't let your cherished memories or fascinating vistas stay only inside the picture frame. Show them off if you have a few of them. Any wall can be decked out to become a perfect personal art gallery.
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