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Embrace the Outdoors Together

Published on June 8th 2022

There's no need to leave your furry friends at home! As you make outdoor plans to enjoy the sun and fresh air, consider these tips on how you can include them in the fun.

A Buddy That Has Your Back

If you've ever worried about your pet's safety while going for a hike or taking a walk through the city, then we have just the solution for you! With a pet backpack, you can easily take your fur baby with you wherever go while ensuring they stay safe and enjoy some time away from home.

Safety First!

When taking your furry friends on a trip, make sure they’re strapped in and secured during the drive. A pet car seat will undoubtedly keep your precious cargo out of harm’s way, bringing you peace of mind as you keep your eyes on the road.

Travel in Style

Do you get anxious about the idea of your fur baby escaping during your travels? A pet carrier is the simplest solution to ease your fears. Better yet, it’ll bring your pet comfort to know they have a cozy place to rest as you move them to and from the car.

Caution: Wide Load

Let’s be real—bigger pets need a bigger space. Instead of trying to find a large enough kennel or cage to fit them in comfortably, a car barrier will allow you to give them the space they need while keeping them safe in one area.

Don’t Worry, You’re Covered.

With any trip, we know how much of a headache it is to clean your car afterwards. Instead of finding claw marks on your seats or pet hair and dirt everywhere, protect the interior of your car with a seat cover. It’ll make your cleanup hassle‑free while giving your pet something comfy to lay on.

Don’t Forget the Food

At picnics, the food is the main part! Make sure to bring lots of yummy treats and fresh water to keep your beloved pet babies happy and refreshed. For the occasion, raised bowls will help ensure that no bugs or other critters crawl into your pet’s food and water.

Prepare for the Food Coma

After all the playtime and treats, you might notice your pets starting to lose steam. Setting out a comfy, plush bed will certainly earn you some brownie points with your furry friends. Watch as they nap and wake up more happy and energetic than ever!

Scoop the Poop!

No one likes stepping on poo. Whether you go to a park, beach or anywhere for that matter, it’s important to be prepared for when nature calls. Make sure you and your pet get to properly enjoy your outing together by taking a pooper scooper on your trip.

Stay Cool in a Pool

Want to take your pet picnic to the next level? A portable pet pool will help keep your fur babies cool in the summer sun. If there’s no water nearby to fill the pool, stuff it with blankets and pillows and add an umbrella overhead to make the perfect chill zone for you and your pet.

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