Create the Crispy Summer Vibe You Want

Published on 8/1/2020

When the sultry summer has finally come, ventilation and natural wind flowing through the house is a sustainable and healthier way to keep cool compared to running an air conditioner all day long. What else can we do for cooling? How about creating a cool vibe?

There’s no need to let linear pieces stick together. The closeness of those edges will make the room feel more compressed. Instead, have some streamlined pieces with a round surface. Then, feel the magic of their smooth combination.

Already have a long sofa in your living space to sink into after a long day? Then you may not want another long piece taking up too much space. Turn to a smaller coffee table for tuning in.

The rattan & the throw blanket pairs well no matter if they are piled on your sofa or casually left on the chair nearby. Have some large paintings to deck up the wall and create an invitingly artistic backdrop.

It’s not likely that you hang the paintings & drawings on every wall. If you have an idle corner near the sofa, a tall ladder shelf will help to deck up and utilize the entire space. Potted plants, photo frames, handicrafts, or anything you can have fun with. 

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