Casually Find a Place for WFH

Published on 8/8/2020

Working from home is an inevitable topic these days. We should take every advantage at home to make your office nook a spot that lets you stay focused, inspired, and curious about the new problem and era. Take some time to spiff up your corner where the work gets done.

Let a stylish shelf lead the way for a tidy and sorted view. Now you can stay 100% focused on typing with your keyboard. When you try to reach your files & documents, you just need to move with your swivel chair, reach out to the shelf they are on, and find out the one with the tag you need.

The desk is another place symbolizing the idea of less is more. A roomy desktop isn’t for more mess. Instead, it’s for you to put your arm on it as a relaxing spot with only the real office necessities on top, like a laptop, sticky notes, and a pencil to write down thoughts.

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Proportions Matter
Proportions Matter The shelf is handy for you to get all items you need in just one glance. Having a cabinet or similar pieces is helpful when stashing away seas of whatnots. When using storage pieces of different proportions, you can get a wide array of storage options.
Create the Crispy Summer Vibe You Want
Create the Crispy Summer Vibe You Want When the sultry summer has finally come, ventilation and natural wind flowing through the house is a sustainable and healthier way to keep cool compared to running an air conditioner all day long. What else can we do for cooling? How about creating a cool vibe?
Mix & Match all Wooden Looks
Mix & Match all Wooden Looks The urban area we live in decides we’re not that near to nature. However, we’re always inclined to invite it in. Wooden pieces should be your first choice to render a natural look.
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