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Open Drawer Side Table
  • Open Drawer Side Table
  • Open Drawer Side Table
  • Open Drawer Side Table
  • Open Drawer Side Table
  • Open Drawer Side Table
  • Open Drawer Side Table
  • Open Drawer Side Table

Open Drawer Side Table

VASAGLE Industrial Nightstand, Stackable End Table, Cabinet for Storage, Side Table for Small Spaces, Wood Look Accent Furniture Metal Frame ULET54X
SKU: ULET54X | ( 8 Reviews ) Free Shipping

Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 8 Reviews
  • Jennifer D.
    It took about 30 minutes to put together. It took about 30 minutes to put together. It’s sturdy , functional , and visually appealing....View more
  • MelCat
    Great quality, great packaging, great look. The price for these is such a deal, in my opinion. If you’re having a hard time having the pieces match up together, you’re putting in the fat silver screws in too soon. You need put the parts together first, even if you go in sections, & then secure them with the silver button screws. The instructions tell you otherwise, I know, cause I tried it that way first. Play around with it! Building these can be fun =]. My first one ended up better than the second, because I think I took my time putting it together. With that being said, the 2nd is a bit wobbly but I’m not going to put blame on the company just yet—-I will look over my work carefully & see if I need to reach out to them. For now, I’m very happy with my purchase. Great quality, great packaging, great look. For the price & for what you’re getting, these are solid!...View more
  • Nanlika W.
    Well designed, easy to assembled Well designed, easy to assembled, wood finish beautiful color and wood stain make it look expensive and yet VERY AFFORDABLE price. I had to change PART but they help me resolved issue professionally. I'm very happy with my purchase and their customer support on amazon and on facebook....View more
  • Mary DiGilio
    Great combination of modern and classic look I got a little nervous about the reviews initially: people complaining cheap "IKEA-like" materials, shoddy construction, and just overall disappointment. Bought it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the material. It's heavy and I knew once assembled it would be sturdy. It was definitely a test of patience and assembly isn't simply like building legos. You have to take your time. Disregard reviews that complain about uneven assembly or spaces between surfaces that are meant to be flush. Those people didn't line things up properly or screw parts in tightly enough. I had moments of frustration where I was experiencing those results. I stepped back and realized I was rushing and needed to slow down and things went together properly. I bought one and I love it. It's a great combined modern and classic look. I will be purchasing the taller one with a drawer for my significant others side of the bed. You will not be disappointed by this purchase....View more
  • Aneta
    The height is right by bedside I was scared while ordering cause a lot of people showed their images with some broken or unmatching pieces. Fortunately, I have a very good experience. I think you need to be careful during the assemble to not mix up the left and right side, but otherwise, everything looks great. The hight is just right for my bed. I like it a lot!...View more

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