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Setting Up the Perfect Workspace

Published on 3/1/2022

Creating your ideal workspace doesn’t have to be difficult. In an age where working from home is the norm,

it's important to furnish and style your home office into a space that reduces clutter, inspires productivity, and keeps

you focused on your tasks at hand.

Steer Clear of Clutter

One of the biggest challenges in any workspace is a cluttered desk. So, it's
essential to set up and organize your home office in a way that minimizes
distractions and offers a calming ambiance. With a neutral and decluttered
styling, your concentration and workflow will improve!

Bring in Natural Light

As we spend more time indoors, it's important to make use of natural
lighting in your workspace. Studies havelong shown how sunlight helps
boost our productivity and creativity and improves our mental health
and quality of sleep. When you're deciding where to place your home
office, consider a room with windows so you can let the light in and feel
your best while you work.

Keep It Comfy

Realistically, you often spend hours at a time in your workspace, toiling away at perfecting your craft. If your setup isn't comfortable, it will be more difficult to focus since you won't have the motivation to sit and stay at your desk. Add some plush pillows and blankets to make your area cozier, but don't overdo it unless you want to find yourself constantly dozing off.

Houseplants Are Your Friends

Do you know what relieves stress, improves productivity, and reduces noise
intensity? Houseplants! Researchshows that indoor plants help decrease
physiological and psychological stress while bolstering your problem‑solving
skills and concentration. Meaning, they make for some of the best deskmates
around, not to mention they have an aesthetic that can't be beaten.

For Inspiration

Depending on your career path, you most likely have a list of like-minded professionals
within your field that you are inspired and motivatedby. If they've published any books
or academic studies, it's a fantastic idea to store these titles on a well-organized shelf
inyour home office so you can always keep these resources nearby for reference.

Two Are Better Than One

We'll be honest. You don't necessarily need dual monitor screens on your desk,
especially if your space is already limited. However, the convenience of having
multiple screens can greatly improve your workflow and concentration by
allowing you to keep several tabs and programs open in plain sight. Without
the inconvenience of sorting through various pages on one screen, you can
take multitasking to the next level with two.

Make It Your Own

Now, this may sound counterintuitive to all the tips we've provided thus far,
but it needs to be said. Above all, your workspace should be a reflection of who
you areas a person and a professional. Some creatives may thrive in spaces with
vibrant colors and bold patternswhile traditional office workers may prefer
something more practical with a modern minimalist aesthetic.No matter your
personal style, focus on creating a space that best catersto your personal and
creative needs.

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