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Industrial Design Computer Desk
  • Industrial Design Computer Desk
  • Industrial Design Computer Desk
  • Industrial Design Computer Desk
  • Industrial Design Computer Desk
  • Industrial Design Computer Desk
  • Industrial Design Computer Desk

Industrial Design Computer Desk

Whether you're a student or a freelancer working from home, furnish your home office with this industrial computer desk from VASAGLE to create a stress-free work oasis.
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Customer & Reviews

4.8 | 7 Reviews
  • RiotPenguin
    PAY CLOSE ATTENTION WHEN ASSEMBLING Okay, so this thing was a pain to assemble, but that's mostly due to the incomplete/incorrect instructions which made it take twice as long to put together. However it's actually a pretty decent desk, especially for the price. Here are some tips to help with assembly: 1) Don't try and tighten each screw all the way in as you go. Just put them in far enough so that they pieces hold together, but wait until after each step is done to tighten them the rest of the way. It makes aligning things much easier and helps adjust for any inconsistencies in the pieces. 2) Do take your time and look at the alignment and direction of each piece and the screws. This is especially important during the first few steps where you assemble each "A" desk piece, which leads me to my next tip... 3) When putting together the "A" desk tops, look closely at the images in Steps 1-3 of the directions. The top and bottom images are each a separate assembled piece, making up the left and right parts of the desk. They are essentially mirrored. Follow the top image in each step until you get to Step 3, then repeat the same with the bottom image but with each piece flipped the opposite way. Again, pay attention to where the holes are in each image. 4) Before attaching Part "C" make sure the hole at the "top" of the image (which ends up being on the bottom of the desk) in Step 2 is on the correct side. If not, just rotate it so that the hole matches up with the image. This will save you from any trouble during the final steps. 5) This is where it gets tricky because the directions are wrong on Step 5. With any of the screws, and as another reviewer pointed out, you want the direction of the screw to be going through the non-threaded opening INTO the piece with the threaded opening. Basically, there shouldn't be any loose screws. If it doesn't look or feel tight, it probably needs to go in the other way. Now they might have fixed this in the manual or on the pieces themselves, but in my case I had to insert the screws opposite of what the directions say in Step 5. This should address the problem that another reviewer had with it not being sturdy. 6) Again, go back and tighten each screw AFTER each step to make sure they're secure. This helps line up any screw holes that might not be aligned all the way. After everything is assembled it might be a good idea to go back and check each screw to see if it can be tightened just a little bit more. The whole piece should feel very sturdy. And that's about it. Save yourself some trouble and avoid some of the same mistakes I made. It should take you 20-30 minutes total if everything is done correctly. Also, to the person who said their desk was "wobbly" you can always adjust the feet on the bottom by unscrewing the ones that aren't touching the floor until they are touching. There's about half an inch of adjustment space so if you have uneven floors or other issues that should take care of it. Overall, it's a solid desk that looks nice and does the job. For the price, I really can't complain. Other than the few hiccups I had trying to put it together, I would probably give this 4.5 stars for quality. Just make sure to follow each step exactly, keeping the above tips in mind during assembly....View more
  • Peachstreet
    Love the quality Great quality. By bf and I set it up fairly easy, just have to take your time and pay attention to similar pieces. Love the finish, so pretty. Perfect fit in the living room of my apartment. I can multitask very easily....View more
  • Bryen Boniface
    Great for school or working from home Love this desk. It was just what I was looking for. It is very sturdy for the price....View more
  • Kgad
    Looks great Looks great and pretty easy assembly only issue is it wobbles a bit but I also have it on carpet so may be better on hard floors...View more
  • Teri Maddox
    Great Desk! I put this desk together in about 1.5 hours. This is a great desk....View more

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