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Call Me Stylish
They’re made to be stylish. Let self-expression boldly shine by mixing colors, plants, objects, and art.
Talk About Your Self Hello, my name is Christy and I live Montague, New Jersey. I’m a home decor and lifestyle blogger who has a passion for decorating pretty spaces. I love sharing ways to help people create a cozy stylish home. I’m a firm believer that your home decor should be a reflection of you!
Talk About Your Shelf It’s best to start with a clean slate, even if you’ll be reusing items already on the shelves. Just take everything off before you start. Gather the items you’ll be using such as books, baskets, picture frames, signs, and of course plants! When in doubt add plants, you can’t go wrong with greenery. As you start styling, group your items in odd numbers. Be sure to combine different heights and textures. Most importantly stay true to your style! Your shelves should be a collection of all the things you love.
I'm Ulli, 36 years old and live in a small town near Berlin. Me, my husband and our fur baby occupy a 110 square meter bungalow, in which I can blow off some steam creatively. The creative areas in my home change almost monthly. I am a typical Aquarius: I am unconventional, I create my own traditions, and I have to keep myself busy with something.
My decorating tips for shelves are: • Uniform colors for folders and storage • Put plants, picture frames, and personal favorites on the shelf • Do not fill it too full • Books can be placed upside down on the shelf - this is how you achieve a uniform and flowing look
Talk About Your Self Hi, Amara here. I rent a house in Berkshire with my brood. I am a small business owner of an online shop, The Faff Store which allows me to share my love for colour & fine details. You will often find me taking photos, planning a DIY or browsing Trip Advisor.
Talk About Your Shelf I am a borderline maximalist and love life in technicolour. However, adding personality to a rental without the permission to paint the walls, can be fairly tricky. My little tip? Invest in shelves! You can utilise a vertical space and add personal elements to your decor ever so easily . I would also add don’t forget to be a little whimsy when it comes to shelf styling or shy away from using a pop of colour. They are always a winner! ‘
Talk About Your Self Hi, I'm Shital. I was born and raised in India and now live in beautiful New Hampshire, USA. I worked as a Payroll Analyst for 10+ years, now adorning my family and home. My husband and I love mountains, hiking and photography. These two countries where I came from and where I currently live influence my decor; it plays around bohemian, rustic, classic, farmhouse, and eclectic.
Talk About Your Shelf When gathering pieces to decorate shelves, make sure you combine short, medium, and tall objects. Shelves are a great place to show your personality and interest. Put some family photos, keepsakes, or anything close to your heart. Always use an odd number of decor objects. Give a cluttered free look to your shelf by leaving some space. Don’t forget to add plants. If you don’t have enough light to keep plants alive, go with faux. Risers and a stack of books are best to increase the height of any decor piece on your shelf. They instantly draw attention to that particular part. Add a decorative box or basket; they look good and gives you some space to store things. Consider the depth of shelves and create layers by adding stand-up trays, pretty plates, and art pieces.
Talk About Your Self Hi there! My name is Kylee! I am a lifestyle content creator and CEO living in New York City! I love music, reading, bright colors, and everything cozy.
Talk About Your Shelf I love my shelf from VASAGLE furniture because one of my favorite things to talk about is reading, and this shelf is definitely a talking piece. I styled mine by organizing my books in rainbow order to add stylized, eye catching color. It adds an interesting flair to my space without being overwheleming. A bookshelf is a timeless addition to any room, but the unique shape of the piece is eclectic enough to feel bold and fun!
Talk About Your Self Hello! My name is Tricia and I am an eco home enthusiast. Styling homes come from my passion and roots. Plants are my favorite interior addition on any room to create life and liven up the space.
Talk About Your Shelf Shelf styling is a personal technique, one you would love to have fun and be creative with. Always have a balance so it’s easy on the eyes. Make it dramatic and don’t lose the shelf’s story.
Talk About Your Self My name is Moni. I am 50 years old and live with my family in a multi-generational house in Germany. In the past, decoration and interior were not that important to me. However, in 2009 I was diagnosed with malignant bone marrow disease. Since then, I have not been able to work any more and mostly stay at home. So a cozy home has become more and more important to me.
Talk About Your Shelf The shelf is one of my favorite pieces of furniture! You can decorate it depending on the season or the occasion. For example, pumpkins in autumn, Christmas decorations for advent season, rabbits for Easter etc. I always have space for candles and lanterns on the shelf. Green plants are always part of my decoration. And a vase of fresh flowers. The shelf has enough space to accommodate everything without looking cluttered!
Talk About Your Self Hi, my name is Vanessa, I’m native New Yorker living in Colorado. I love the cozy feel of the mountains. One of the reasons why my decor is very hygge like, simple.
Talk About Your Shelf Tips that have helped me with my shelf decor is not to over crowd them, I keep it simple. I tend to move things around to keep it fresh on my feed and my home. I love the look of the treeshelf with pages outward, it gives it a simple yet vintage look and with this it lets the design of the treeshelf catch the people’s eye.
Talk About Your Self Hello, this is Voula from Germany and I can be found on Instagram under the profile @interiorlover_. I have turned my VASAGLE shelf with selected decorative objects next to my bed in the bedroom into a unique eye-catcher.
Talk About Your Shelf To decorate my shelf, I carefully choose things that are functional (such as boxes to hide the sleeping mask and earplugs), decorative (such as vases and sculpture) and reflect my style with their appearance and color. The shelf is quite versatile and can also be placed as a bookcase next to a wing chair or used as a towel rack in the bathroom.
Call Me Flexible
They’ve never felt so flexible. Let the shelves dream around the entire home for every space.
Talk About Your Self Hi! I'm Sarah Reed, I live in Portland OR with my husband, my 1.5 year old daughter named River and our Bulldog. I'm currently an Interior Designer who owns a Home Staging + Design company with my husband Duane. A fun fact about me is that I grew up in the Philippines, Scotland and Detroit Michigan! I love charcuterie platters and patio hangs with people I love :)
Talk About Your Shelf When I begin styling a shelf I usually start with books and bigger items first. I love to use vintage books mostly neutral colors and some blues and greens. Vintage books are a must for shelf decor in my opinion! They had some great texture. After the larger items I then style my plants. I use a LOT of plants on all of my shelf styling. Plants make people happy and I love bringing the outside inside. After those I then fill in the gaps with a few fun pieces of decor like a book end, candle, little paper weight, etc.
Talk About Your Self Hello friends, my name is Lynnae and I am a home decor and lifestyle blogger on Instagram. I’m from Arizona but currently reside in Texas. I’m happily married and a fur mama to two handsome little pups! I am a Beauty Stylist for a large retail company and specialize in makeup, skincare, haircare and fine fragrances. On my free time I love to decorate and do DIY projects! I created my IG account @lynnaeraquelhome during quarantine when covid-19 first began and it’s become such a blessing.
Talk About Your Shelf VASAGLE has been a huge help in bringing my visions to life! One of my favorite projects me and my husband completed was our guest bathroom makeover. VASAGLE shelving options helped me easily decide what to do with the open space above the toilet. They were so easy to install! I love shelf styling on these shelves also, it’s the perfect amount of space per shelf. When styling and decorating, I like to mix white, black and wood accents to a space, along with greenery. It’s a nice contrast of tones and texture for a neutral look!
Talk About Your Self My name is Micha. I live with my husband and our 2 cats in beautiful Berlin. I work as a nurse in a clinic. My biggest hobby is probably taking care of my nearly 60 houseplants. I also have a strong preference for black interiors and concrete pots. Once I've got something in my head, it has to be implemented 100 percent. I don't compromise on that. Either I do it to the full or I let it be.
Talk About Your Shelf I redecorate my VASAGLE shelf quite often. I try to combine different sizes of plant pots to create a visual hightligh and each pot is presented in the best possible way. I like to mix different types of plants, such as tendrils and hanging plants. These give my styling the finishing touch and the shelf comes into its own despite the many plants!
Talk About Your Self I'm Carolyn and I from Las Vegas, NV! I started @bright.light.interior in 2015 simply reposting home decor photos that I loved. It wasn’t until 2018 that I moved into my first home and posted my own designs! I love anything to do with decor and that includes party decorating!
Talk About Your Shelf The way I style my shelves is by sticking to a monochromatic color scheme. I like the look of neutral decor! However you arrange the decor, keep it balanced! Don’t forget to add personal touches like framed portraits or artwork!
Talk About Your Self My name is Amanda and I am the face behind Come Stay Awhile! I am a fearless DIY mama bringing my community along for all of my impulsive projects and keeping it real along the way! Let's be friends!
Talk About Your Shelf 1. Use items of varied shapes and sizes and try to group these items. Try not to put things that are the same shape/color/size next to each other. Start by adding your main pieces then fill in the holes. 2. Try to balance the visual weight of your items. Try not to put two large/visually heavy pieces next to each other. 3. Use greenery and neutral items. Plants can add life and texture to a space. 4. Use baskets! They add visual interest and are great for storage.
Talk About Your Self My name is Nadja. I am 29 and live with my husband and our 2 children in northwest Germany. We renovated an old house previously and developed our passion for interior design. If I had to describe myself in 3 words, it would be: spontaneous, impatient, and spirited. Leaving things unfinished is not my thing. Either I'm doing something right or I'm not doing it at all.
Talk About Your Shelf Timeless, flexible and individual - the shelf by VASAGLE is an eye-catcher at home, you will find it in the hallway, beautifully decorated, and attracts everyone's attention. I pay attention to an even distribution of the most dominant colors to make it look more harmonious. The shelf fulfills a special purpose in every room and is filled with books, plants, toys or even spices.
Talk About Your Self Hi! My name is Genevieve and I live in little Delaware. Although small, I love it here... especially the tax free shopping! I am a Realtor and self taught Interior Designer. In my free time (or any time really) you can find me diy’ing with my rescue dog nearby and my boyfriend cheering me on! I use interior design and diy as an outlet and it’s opened so many amazing opportunities along the way!
Talk About Your Shelf When styling shelves I like to start with the basics... books! They’re a great filler and in my mind considered functionable decor. (quick tip: thrifted books or books from the dollar store are great!) I also like to add prints and lean them against the wall. That way you don’t have to add any holes and it’s easy to change out the print to work with your decor! My last tip would be to simply add things that make YOU happy. This is your space and the best advice I can give is to find decor items that make your heart happy when you look at them!
Talk About Your Self Hello! My name is Dale Marie and I’m the gal behind Blooming DIY-er based in Calgary Canada. I’m a home decor obsessed junkie that looks to constantly inspire people with attainable high impact DIY projects to add character to their homes without breaking the bank.
Talk About Your Shelf Decorate your home with your love of colour and style in mind. Do not be influenced by trends and get caught up in what’s current. Real style should be timeless and never trendy. When I decorate shelves I always incorporate the rules of 3’s, grouping items in 3’s and in a high low layered look, that’s always a winner!
Talk About Your Self Hello, my name is Claire and I live in Southern California! I am a home decor enthusiast and have been a DIYer since the 80s when we bought our first home! We are currently empty nesters and enjoy updating our home on a budget! We love to add lots of budget design elements to our home to make it stand apart from the rest!
Talk About Your Shelf My tips for decorating are to always style your home in a way where it's relaxed and cozy, which makes it welcoming and warm! Trends are fun, but not something that lasts through the test of time. I tend to lean towards a traditional/classic style in my home for my main pieces, which always seems to hold up through the years. I also love having a neutral palette to make decorating easier with switching out colorful pillows and throws throughout the year. Adding in greenery always makes a space come alive. Shelf styling can be intimidating, but takes practice and remember balance is important. Always add in greenery, either faux or real to soften up a shelf! Adding pieces of artwork to shelves makes it interesting and personal. I try to keep my shelves simple without overcrowding!
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