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4813 Reviews
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  • Dharti Verified Buyer
    Great chair Beautiful looking chair. Sturdy and comfortable. I...View More
  • Katy Nelson Verified Buyer
    Great! This is so much more than I was expecting! After a few oopses in putting it together, we finally got it and it's great! The tarp and springs are both high quality and it has great bounce (I've never been impressed by the bounce on round trampolines before). One thing to keep in mind in assembly is that it does seem to matter what side the A and B poles go on. We somehow got them backwards on one of the six foundation poles and it wasn't going to work until we switched them. The pictures in the instructions are kind of hard to see as far as reference goes. When it's all done though, this was a great purchase!...View More
  • Joey solis Verified Buyer
    Good price, great desk. Such a great deal for the price! It’s perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a better work from home and personal computer space and I found it! It was so easy to put together too. I think it took maybe 30 mins....View More
  • Caitlin G. Verified Buyer
    Surprisingly sturdy. This fit perfectly in a weird cubby hole I had in my new master bath. I put it together myself, which means anyone can do it. Took me like an hour and a half. It's surprisingly sound and sturdy and I absolutely love it. It's exactly what I wanted for a great price....View More
  • Keith Verified Buyer
    Super easy to assemble I have this in my bathroom to hold my extra toilet paper and towels and such. It is a good height and the telescoping feet on the bottle make it easy to get it balanced on an uneven floor. Keep in mind where your toilet paper holder is. It didn't fit where I wanted it because of it and considered sending it back but its pretty attractive and it wasn't too expensive so I decided to keep it anyway and shove it into another corner....View More
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