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3077 Reviews
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  • Jessica Verified Buyer
    Very pleased This is exactly what I wanted. Very sturdy, easy to put together (took about 1 hour, no extra tools needed). It looks great and hold most of my kitchen appliances that I do not want taking up countertop space. Instapot, crockpot, ninja blender, microwave and home phone, with a space left over to set plate/dish after microwaving. Great purchase!...View More
  • Sydney K. Verified Buyer
    I love this cage! I love this cage! I bought two and connected them and my three guinea pigs love it so much. I like how high it is. It was easy to put together, just took a minute of thinking and it was done. I have no complaints especially for the price....View More
  • Richard S. Verified Buyer
    I highly recommend this purchase. Accidentally bought two. They're pricey so I nearly sent one back but I'm glad I didn't. My mother was a schoolteacher and used the extra one to grade papers in front of the TV until she retired at which point she gave it back to me. I typically use these as footstools to be honest but they work as general purpose tables. Not great for eating unless the legs are folded in and it is placed on a very flat surface. There's no lip so if that's the type of table you want look elsewhere. The 'stopper' that prevents things from sliding broke quickly on both and the locking mechanism isn't extremely reliable but those are my only complaints. Not sure what you'd use the drawer for as it's ridiculously small. If they were a bit cheaper I'd buy a third. I highly recommend this purchase....View More
  • Megan Verified Buyer
    Easy assembly, goes great by my bed So easy and straightforward to assemble! Great quality for the price too. I’m using it to store condoms and various toys...the drawer opens very nicely so it’s easy to grab things during bedroom activities...View More
  • Micaela W. Verified Buyer
    Definitely recommend I loved putting this together ! It was so much fun and it's pretty soft and sturdy ! My kitten loved it and it's big! I love that he can grow into it ♥️ definitely recommend.nn n...View More