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4813 Reviews
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  • Gerry Verified Buyer
    Soft and soothing for my pets. This little is great. Even my larger dogs and cats love. I would definitely recommend it....View More
  • awgentry Verified Buyer
    Great piece It was perfect for our jewelry display at a3 day outdoor event!...View More
  • M Chin Verified Buyer
    a nice looking coat rack I really like this coat rack. It is well made and looks very nice. I had no trouble putting the pieces together and love the way it looks in my hallway....View More
  • L.Y. Verified Buyer
    Highly recommended Highly recommend. Did exactly what I wanted for my bourbon bar....View More
  • Amanda Verified Buyer
    Love this bed We get our girls a new bed every year for Christmas. This is our favorite thus far. It’s huge! For the first time ever, we saw both dogs on a dog bed at once (75lbs shepherd and a 55lb pit) with room to spare. Will be getting another next year for sure....View More
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