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8383 Reviews
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  • Ica G. Verified Buyer
    Very stylish and versatile! These frames are the perfect set to fill in spaces on empty walls! They're great in terms of size variance, so there's plenty of ways to rearrange the layout but still create a very stylish appearance! The frames themselves also had an accidental fall or two but are still intact and without damage!...View More
  • GB Verified Buyer
    Great value! Delivered about a week sooner than expected and I am very happy with the way it looks and it's sturdiness. It took me about an hour to assemble using the hand tools provided. I enjoyed putting it together everything was well marked and lined up perfect. Make sure you pay attention to the highlights in the instructions that will ensure pieces are placed properly. The final product looks great and perfect for the area I have it. I was originally planning on making a chest myself but now glad I didn't. I would have ended up spending more money for wood and supplies than this cost and this looks great!...View More
  • Sharon Verified Buyer
    Very impressed Assembly is alright as long as you follow the instructions. Great quality, has a lot of storage space and looks great!...View More
  • Kimberly Annette Verified Buyer
    Spacious I love the mirror on the front. I have a great storage solution for my earrings so I use the earring notches for additional necklaces. I think it's a great value for the price I paid and plus I now have a mirror in my closet. It holds all my jewelry I would definitely give it a 5 star!!!! I would definitely purchase it again....View More
  • Tisha O. Verified Buyer
    It’s ok It’s good for what it is. It holds my clothes and shoes but was not the most friendly to assemble. It could be a bit sturdier as well....View More
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