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4813 Reviews
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  • Michelle Saul Verified Buyer
    Looks Great! Fits in our kitchen, easy to move when needed. Holds a good amount and really easy to use. I am actually glad it is a step on and not "automatic"....View More
  • Eric C. Verified Buyer
    Awesome deal! I’m overwhelmed at it honestly! Such an easy setup it took me maybe 20 mins altogether! I love the materials it’s made from, very sturdy, yet lightweight and would be easy to move around. It should hold up so long as it’s not overpacked. It goes nicely in my corner next to my lamp. One feature I thought to mention that I especially liked was the split first drawer, I love that concept, easy to keep smaller things organized! Overall A+ would def recommend...View More
  • Ispendtoomuch Verified Buyer
    Very thick, soft, warm Very thick and soft. Like a people memory foam bed. Great quality. I got it for 3 dogs to share and there is a lot of space. They are warm off the concrete floor in the shop....View More
  • Mixhead Verified Buyer
    Before and after! Moving on up to something better! I have included a before picture of what I was using for trash and recycle and after picture with our combo home trash and recycle container. This is a game changer for our household. Plus it is easy on the eyes now! Having this in my kitchen is so much better!...View More
  • Nadine Lewis Verified Buyer
    Chemical smell won’t go away Pretty nasty chemical smell hasn’t gone away after washing twice. Pets refuse to use it. Going to try washing it again but I’m not impressed. Edit, after a couple months the smell went away and the pets love it...View More
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