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4813 Reviews
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  • melanie Verified Buyer
    Love the look Easy to assemble and sturdy. I really like the color and look of the table....View More
  • JPH Verified Buyer
    I never thought I’d be excited about a trash can, but: I am! I love everything about it; the clean design, the white enamel look (easy to clean), separated garbage and recycle which includes removable inside containers for easy disposal, the soft/quiet lid closure, recessed side handles for moving whole unit and it fit perfectly at the end of my counter....View More
  • Brookeacc Verified Buyer
    I was nervous about a white trash can, but I love it! I was nervous about buying a white trash can. I thought it might get dirty too fast and show fingerprints. I was over the stainless steel. I needed something my toddlers could open with a step peddle. We had also been using two stainless steel trash cans. One for trash and one for recycle. So I bought this one and it’s been great. It’s actually really easy to clean. My toddlers love using it. It consolidates our trash....View More
  • Cobi Tittle Verified Buyer
    Best for kids Great purchase. I bought this for my son’s room. He wanted a place to build Lego’s and this is perfect. It is sturdy enough for most adults, but is much too small for 4 adults. This one is best for kids or a single person looking for a small dining room table....View More
  • M. Albert Verified Buyer
    Check for all parts Great trampoline I’m 270 pounds and It supported me fine the illustrations on the trampoline are pretty cool kids love it it’s the coolest trampoline I’ve ever seen we have a springless trampoline aswell and the kids prefer this one. It took about an hour and a half to build solo with kids attacking me item arrives in to packages. The boxes are pretty heavy and probably didn’t receive too much care while shipping my boxes arrived mangles so ensure you have all your parts before you build...View More
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