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9673 Reviews
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  • KJH Verified Buyer
    Perfect fit for our home Perfect fit for our home! Love it!...View More
  • Jennifer Verified Buyer
    Cute , my daughter will like Cute , my daughter will like. Smaller than I thought. But cute...View More
  • Soula Verified Buyer
    Great laundry hamper! Amazing, deep, black, very easy to assemble, and comes with a smaller bag that is attached to the hamper with velcro, so it's very easy to just pull that and go do your laundry. great purchase...View More
  • Breezy Kiefair Verified Buyer
    Beautiful and Functional Beautiful and functional. Easy to assemble. Lots of room to keep your jewelry organised and prevent tangling of chains. I do wish it had more earrings slots and i also wish the earring Organizer was more secure because the earrings can fall off that Organizer. The jewelry box locks securely and comes with 2 decorative and functional keys and if you don’t know that the full length mirror is also a jewelry box, you’d never guess it’s there making the lock all the more secure. I nearly purchased a jewelry box that mounts over a door, but I like this freestanding mirror better....View More
  • Jennifer Allenwood Verified Buyer
    A decent amount of assembly required, but I do like how it turned out! I'm a 26 year old female and won't lie, this is the first furniture piece I've ever fully assembled myself. It took me about 3 hours or so. I found that the instructions were mostly quite clear, with nice photos outlining each of the steps. My only complaint about this cabinet is that the two cardboard pieces that form the back wall of the cabinet were a tad bit too tall, so I had to cut them down a bit so that the top of the cabinet could be pushed down enough to be flush with the side walls of the cabinet. Overall, once it all came together I was very happy with the product and think it looks really nice in my bathroom and adds much needed storage space!...View More
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