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  • mtt61 Verified Buyer
    Solid Cabinet I really love this cabinet. Took a little over an hour to get it together but it's sturdy. The back isn't as thick but I'm not using it as a utility closet. I love the color too!...View More
  • Karen VonFeldt Verified Buyer
    Save your knees! The comfortable pad is great for sitting or kneeling to reach across a garden bed. The tool pocket is handy & a great time saver. I don’t spend time looking for a tool I laid down somewhere. There are many choices of similar design, but these two features sold me on this one....View More
  • Gal Verified Buyer
    Stores much and looks nice The bottom shelf with doors holds standard-sized bottles of cleaning products; the top shelves hold big bath towels (I think these are called bath sheets). The baskets I bought separately are 10" deep, 11" wide, and 9" high, and they fit perfectly. This took about 45 minutes to assemble by myself, taking time to think/read carefully; it probably would have been a bit easier and faster with an assistant. The one part that tripped me up and took me a bit to think through was the bar on the right--the screws point inward, so in the pics you can see the screws on the left bar on the outside and the screws on the right bar on the inside (and my brain kept wanting the screws to be outward on both of the bars). Before I got the baskets, I tried photo boxes for storage (since I had them laying around), which would work as the pics show. I have had the shelf in the bathroom for 1.5 months and I love it. It comes with hardware to secure it to the wall....View More
  • claudette g shull Verified Buyer
    Nothing to put together. It is right out of the box ready! My husband uses it to kneel on when he is emptying the clean out baskets for our pool!...View More
  • LEI Verified Buyer
    Surprisingly sturdy For roughly $100 I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of this little cabinet. I’m impressed with how well it went together and that it is not made of the junky particle board that splinters easily. I was a little wary when it arrived as the box was pretty severely damaged. Thankfully none of the pieces seemed to suffer. I did find a small area of damaged laminate on the back side of the cabinet after I had it all together but I don’t know if it was damaged in shipping or if I did it during assembly since it is the piece I put on backwards at first. The instructions are pretty clear, I just didn’t pay attention! Overall I am very pleased with it. I only wish it were about an inch deeper so it could hold 3-ring binders, but otherwise it is exactly what I needed and at a better deal than I expected. Eventually this cabinet will be replaced with one that fits the style of my living room decor and this one will be moved to my shop for storage. It’s such an inexpensive little cabinet that I’m contemplating buying a second for my shop now....View More
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