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2618 Reviews
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  • Nicole Verified Buyer
    Excellent for the money!!! This is so cute!! First furniture I've ever had to assemble on my own, and it barely took 50 minutes. Only one hole was drilled a little too big, but once it was all together it was still very sturdy; you'd never know a hole was too big. You might need to encourage the screws for the magnets on the doors, but it doesn't take much. This piece came with great packing and not a scratch on it, very pleased!! I bought a matching cabinet with two shelves and the doors/shelves under, and it was absolutely perfect....View More
  • Stephanie L. Verified Buyer
    Exactly as expected I had already purchased another product from this company and line. And while I am not in love with it (as I would be if it were real wood), this is a sturdy, easy-to-assemble, and practical piece. I have been seeking a small desk for my guest room where I will be hosting international students. I had been watching Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul for a long time. Everything was either way too big or way too flimsy. When it came to crunch time, I trusted in something that I knew from before, and it has met my expectations. I have other items on order now, too....View More
  • Jessica Verified Buyer
    Very pleased This is exactly what I wanted. Very sturdy, easy to put together (took about 1 hour, no extra tools needed). It looks great and hold most of my kitchen appliances that I do not want taking up countertop space. Instapot, crockpot, ninja blender, microwave and home phone, with a space left over to set plate/dish after microwaving. Great purchase!...View More
  • Megan Verified Buyer
    Easy assembly, goes great by my bed So easy and straightforward to assemble! Great quality for the price too. I’m using it to store condoms and various toys...the drawer opens very nicely so it’s easy to grab things during bedroom activities...View More
  • Michael Verified Buyer
    Great tower! Our cats love it! Lots of areas for them to lay on and play! It was a little let’s study than other towers we’ve had, but does the trick!...View More