Cat Tree for Large Cats

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  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
Cat Tree Smoky Gray

Cat Tree Smoky Gray

FEANDREA Cat Tree, XL Cat Tower, 81.1-Inch Tall Cat Condo with Hammock, Basket, Scratching Posts, 2 Cat Caves, 2 Plush Perches, Cat Activity Center, Smoky Gray UPCT190G01
SKU: UPCT190G01 | star ( 29 Reviews ) Free Shipping Estimated Delivery Date: 03/25/2023 - 04/04/2023

Customer & Reviews

4.9 | 29 Reviews
  • Benem L. star
    Easy to assemble, looks great The instructions were easy to read and understand....View more
  • Tommy K. star
    Cats love it The multiple sleeping spots are great for multiple cats. Cats were playing on it before I could finish putting it together. It is very tall and the top bed is great for the cat who doesn't want to be bothered....View more
  • Mayeesha I. star
    It’s great for multiple cats I have 4 cats (they are rescues,and that’s exactly what you say when people look at you funny for having 4 cats) they are not easy on any furniture AT ALL and enjoy launching themselves at it like a fur covered bowling ball after running top speed. That pic is recent,so believe me when I say this thing was built to handle intense cannon ball cat action. It’s super-easy to vacuum as well. I left a star off for ease of assembly because you definitely want at least two people due to the height and trying to get all of those pieces on. Do not try to be a hero. I must say though,that for the size of it,they do a good job making it easy as possible to assemble and the parts are clearly labeled. I would highly recommend this....View more
  • Raph A. star
    Good quality and sturdy.. but.. This cat tree is tall and very modern looking! The carpet fabric is so soft and comfy! My cat fell asleep in it while I was putting together the second portion of the tower �Ok BUT! After it was all put together,my cat was meowing and struggling to come down from the very top as there are very narrow spaces she can land on,she almost always falls every time she wants to jump down from a certain section. She always has to catch herself and dig with her claws dramatically into whatever she can to be saved from falling… so she is starting to avoid the top portion of the tree ( however,she is still a growing kitten and may need some more time with the tree,and trial and error to learn the nooks and crannies of the tree so she can get down safely! It still doesn’t change the fact of how narrow the spaces are for landing!Overall though,it’s worth the money but you will need a wise & knowledgeable cat who won’t try to jump off the highest part and is ok with narrow landing/walking strips! lol! The quality is well-made!...View more
  • Tinamarie S. star
    Great product Great product and great price.Originally I thought they had send me a part for the L not the XL,but their customer service explained the situation to me in a timely manner and helped me figure it out....View more

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