It has nearly been another end of the year right now. We have many reasons to treat ourselves and families with some surprise at this time of the year. From Halloween, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, to Christmas and New Year, we can work out a long shopping list for us. If you have kitties at home, what is your gift for him/her? Maybe it is time to have a cat tree improvement for them. Though they may not have the ability to comprehend surprising emotion, they still deserve you to pamper at this time.

Though their lifetime will not be as long as ours, they do offer us more surprise, joy, and touch to our human life. Maybe it’s a little kitty as a gift sent from your parents, then he/she witnessed another strange human stepped into your life in suddenness and occupy his/her playground. Or After having the other part of your life, you two decide to adopt a devilish or adorable one to fulfill your dedication to love. And possibly, the furry one will stare at another suddenly-appeared same-size little human. The furry one just likes to rug or stay close to that little one to hear giggling or howling. No matter under which circumstances your kitties come into your life, they never cease to impress you with their existence.

You may have known about what their likes and dislikes are. However, we won’t be sure about what gift will surprise them. Then why not take a look at what we recommend for you as the gift for your feline friends.

Main Focus of the Gift

Furniture attacker, rug scratcher, or any other similar titles grant to the kitties is on the basis of what they have done in real life. When you get home after shopping, you may surprisingly find claw print on your wood wardrobe or cabinet. The circumstance is just the horrible trace from monsters in the tale. Or sometimes you will find your rug has become a rag without your notice to the kitties.

Maybe at that time, you will be curious that do they really have such hatred to the rug? Well, definite not. They just try to remove dead nail growth. And that part of the body is an essential part inherited from their ancestors to treat with rats. Furthermore, just like dogs urinate post to mark their territory, kitties will do so by scratching marks. So, if you do not wish your belongings accidentally damaged by your kitties, you need an exclusive scratching club for them to manicure.

                                                                                                              Fetching and Power Cord Fascinating

Sometimes you will astonishingly find that they come back containing something weird in their mouth. It could a dead rat or some insect or something unimaginable. The situation is caused by their nature of sharing leftovers with their peers. This won’t be the worst situation comparing with their fascination with power cord. You will be curious again about their chewing of the cord are really for its taste or not. If you do not wish to apply some catnip on the cord to expel them away, you need to distract them.


Before they decide to have a nap or sleep, they will kneel forelimb. The situation is just similar to us stretch our arms and back after sleep or long time working. They prefer to do this for comfort on top of a soft object for a pleasant feeling. So when we prepare a resting place for them, we need to consider extra space for them to perform such movement.


Based on the likes and dislikes of our feline friends mentioned above, we have a conclusion. That is, let them focus on the likes. And what they do trouble us the most, we will try to distract them from those behaviors. So, here are some recommendations:

Medium Grey Cat Tree UPCT16H

We categorize this one into affordable luxury cat tree level. That’s also the reason Geek Wrapped has chosen this one from us to recommend. Totally 5 layers for your kitties bounce up and down. This multi-layers structure equals to the combination of a gym for your kitties for fun and for exercise. A tunnel at the middle of the structure enables them to present marvelous flexibility and elegant posture. A capacious condo with an extended area before entrance just let kitties comfortably kneed and rest. Top perch with rising edge also design based on their rest and kneed needs. Hanging rope and ball, they just make fun themselves with these.


Smokey Grey Cat Tree UPCT18W

This one is a luxury condo for your kitties including different functional infrastructures. We do not deny the price is higher compared with others from us. But this is an absolutely surprising gift that your kitties deserve. Especially for those who have more than 2 kitties. Now you finally find a home for all of them live in and find something for fun.

This is recommended by @foster_kittens by true living and using experience of their little kitties (they have made a short video record about this). Those adorable little ones could melt each and every audiences’ heart. Especially watching them jump from one layer to another, or repeatedly up and down from the slide in the front of the condo. The whole living area includes 2 condos plus 3 top perches. So no matter they like to share one condo or perch with their siblings or choose to enjoy alone, they just do it!

All columns of cat tree condo have been covered with sisal rope. Now they could scratch nail at anywhere on the condo at any time they want. You are now worry free for your doors and furniture suffered from their mischief.

Small Grey Cat Tree UPCT61W

This is a basic level condo for your kitties. The highlight of which is its reversely symmetrical 2 condo structure. Our designers would like to introduce the sand clock alike structural concept into this product. So even if it is just a simple home for your kitties, its very existence at the corner of the room would be vivid and stylish.

Though the structure is simple, it includes 2 condos plus a roomy top perch for your kitties’ daily rest and party. As what we have mentioned above, 2 supporting columns has been cover with sisal ropes for scratching. Double layers structure also enable them to have some leaping fun from going back and forth.


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