It is really an interesting fact when regarding this matter. Many cat owners may have found or experienced something suddenly and sneakily lay beside your pillow or on your quilt when you are in a peaceful dream.

Well, it is undeniable that sometimes hearing their soft snoring is a kind of happiness. Have you ever think about why cats like to sleep with you? Then let’s try to find out.

little kitty

Kote Puerto

When cats like to sleep with their peers

If we say that the answer is a little touching, can you believe that sleep is the most direct emotion they show to you? Maybe you’ve seen two cats twine their body with each other like a vine and always prefer to stay so close—sometimes even share the same bed—showing that they are close.

When they stay awake, you will see them chase each other or ride another one’s back. No matter how fierce their behavior may be, that only means they are playing rather than having conflicts.

So, when two cats in your eyes are very polite to each other and they seem to have some kind of fraternity, if they haven’t shared a bed with each other, then chances are that they still don’t trust each other.

Under such a circumstance, maybe in their deepest mind, they even have the malevolence to occupy another’s bed. Once they have conflict, I definitely believe they will show no mercy with their paws and claws.

sleepy cat
Erik-Jan Leusink

The same fact for the relationship between cats and humans

If you refuse to share a bed with me, how dare you say you love me? Hum… truly they will think so if you are the only soul they are most familiar with. A friend, also a cat owner, told me that his cat isn’t kind or friendly to him.

When he is approaching, his cat seems to be sulky. Or, when he tried to feed his cat, the furry one just ran away and disappeared. His cat sometimes is even kinder to some strangers rather than to him.

A fact I found after that will help to demystify their relationship. Each time his cat tries to sleep on his bed, he will drive the poor furry one away without wavering. His explanation on this is he can’t breathe if the cat lay on his quilt.

It is not strange that his cat always tries to hide from him. If you smile friendly to a poker face without any emotional feedback, then how do you feel about it? Just try to fix the relationship, pal.

play with cat
Paul Hanaoka

The cat’s vigilant nature decides their behavior

“A friend sharing a bed is a true friend” is a belief for the cat, and you may be still curious about why they bear this in mind. Simple: nature decides.

As the tiniest species among their feline family, the cat prefers to live alone on one hand and never refuse to be a social animal with his peers. Then, there will be a subtle balance between the solitude and sociality.

During the time they appear to be social, the one by their side must be trustworthy. Sleep, a status when the brain activity is at the lowest level without the reason to stay alert, has become a rite for cats to show trust to each other.

So, when they try to approach your bed, it is a tentative behavior with the intention of trying to find out whether you are reliable or not. And if unfortunately you terrify them and try to drive them away, your tragic behavior may cause you to lose your furry friend.

And what cat will think about at that time? Maybe, like what I assume previously, that the human will be a foe rather than a friend. Phew… once your cat has such feeling, then you have lots of work to do to clarify the misunderstanding.