For catsters, how and what to feed will always be a problem. Especially for new parents with adopted cat, you just can’t stop to love them in human’s shoes. However, inappropriate feeding is not helpful but harmful, sometimes even life risky. So let’s take a look at which kind of food are absolutely forbidden.

Fe and Rea daily life

1. Milk

We are used to flip open the fridge and take out the milk out. And then treat yourself with a cup of fresh and chilled milk. Does milk also work for cat? The answer is no. Since the difference of digesting system, cat is unable to break down lactose nor absorb it as nutrition. After intake of milk, it will lead to their diarrhea (loose bowels).

2. Coffee

When including this in the list, I’m still quite curious about who will do this. Nonetheless, someone may be much curious than me will try to do this. The stimulative effect of caffeine will do good for human health. But for cats, it will adversely stimulate their heart and neural system. Also facilitation of metabolism will lead to dehydration of cats as frequent urination.

3. Chocolate

You will never ever allow your cat to have this. Theobromine, a kind of ingredient in chocolate, is poisonous to cats. They may suffer tarchycardia (heart beats too fast), tachypnoea (breath too fast), and arrhythmia (heart beats irregularly) after take chocolate.

4. Onion

Intake of onion will lead to destruction of red cell. The emergent situation will be anemia. If the urine has become red, it may result in fatal problem.

5. Garlic

As what we mentioned above, both garlic and onion is good conditioning for our human food. But for cat, garlic is much like a killer comparing with onion. It will cause damage to cat’s organs. Even if a tiny amount of intake, the cat will suffer failure of organ even fatal result.

6. Raw Egg

You’d better not let your cat touch with raw egg. Bacteria like salmonella and colibacillus will be easily handled by wash and cook for our humans. Whereas the cat eat raw egg, bacteria in egg mentioned above will lead to serious problem of intestines and stomach. Moreover, the protein of egg contains avidin, it will bring cat’s inability to absorb Vitamin B.

7. Fat

Try to decrease the intake of fat during feeding. Fat will cause cat’s vomit and diarrhea, and add digesting burden for their little stomach.

8. Bone

All right… we all know the huge difference between cat and dog. Sometimes we even wonder about how their naturally inherent duel in their genes is created. I still have to be verbose about last hazard in the list- bone. It is not toxic though, the chips from bone will scratch membrane of their digesting system. The large size will even make them choked.

Foods bad for cat


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