VASAGLE living room furniture
“Since 2011, our goal has been simple: to design and create affordable, flexible, and enjoyable home furniture for small spaces around the world. These three principles are what guide us as we help to create lasting impressions that bring out joy and personality in a variety of homes.”

So, how about creating a clean and inviting personal space that is aesthetically pleasing and functional? One thing is for sure: you don’t want your home covered in the clutter which will continue to distress you after a whole day working.

Your home should be a place that could be continuously updated for the convenience of daily activities and the joy of keeping everything within reach and finding them effortlessly.

A chair, a table, a shelf, or a magic combination of all of them from VASAGLE will be a surprise united with form and function. You can use it as what it should be. And, in most circumstances, they enable you to customize them based on your need so you can have various functions in different rooms.

VASAGLE simple style living room furniture

“Our wide collection of furniture ranges from the living room to the bedroom, the bathroom to the office, and from the hallway to the kitchen and beyond.“

The hallway is the first place to show your hospitality and leave a good first impression of your home style. However, the limited space there leaves you with only a few choices on how to decorate and arrange.

What we can do to help there is make the most of functional combinations in our furniture and effectively use the wall space. We have rack integrated with a bench, shoe shelf, and coat rack all in one. Or, you can have a chest with a comfortable cushion for sitting and bountiful underneath space for storage.

You can also secure a stylishly industrial-style shelf on the wall for just a simple surface or one with several hooks attached to it to hang your coats and hats.

The living room is where you can maximize your imagination to create a welcome room to host your friends and enjoy your most favored entertainment. The table is always the timeless necessity there. A mid-century modern table will eclectically find its place in your original decorating style. Or, an industrial table accentuates your incessant pursuit for a combination of ultra functionality and minimalism. A cottage style table with a walnut-colored grain helps you to add some idle comfort.

The bedroom definitely should be the place you can carelessly sprawl out. A chic and sturdy nightstand will be the best company for your soft, queen-sized bed. Furthermore, a retro dressing table there will be sure to please the hostess.

After a whole day of long chores or strenuous work, a warm bath or shower will be the most refreshing thing you want to relieve the stress. How about having a bath tray stretching on the tub to enjoy the fragrant flavor of your most favored Cabernet Sauvignon or pinot noir?

Also, the whole comprehensive cabinet series for the bathroom enables you to choose the most proper one based on your space. The adjustable shelf, the enclosed storage cabinet, or a roomy drawer keeps all toiletries tidily placed.

VASAGLE bedroom furniture

“We are forever persistent in designing furniture with the specific needs of our partners and customers in mind. This, coupled with providing the quality customer care we are known for, has consistently set us apart from the rest.”

Quality and lifestyle design always come first and foremost. We continuously improve and upgrade the design not only based on the ergonomic and structural aspect for more comfort but also on the personal need of our customers.

Some of them may periodically move their home from one place to another. Then, versatility and handiness will be their priority. Others may need a functional upgrade or supplement. The sturdiness and ready-to-fit design will be their consideration. We always value those needs and offer more affordable, flexible, and enjoyable pieces to match each and every need from our customers.

“No matter where life takes you, let VASAGLE help make your house feel more like home.”