No matter the past Thanksgiving or incoming Christmas, the one true thing is that we will not lack the gifts and decors to make our home in a merry festive mood and everyone at home to enjoy their once-a-year gift time.

Sure thing is that you can have your classic decors in where they should belong to, such as the stocks fixed on the mantel and the bells separately everywhere on the trees with lollipops and some other ornaments.

However when you find the space collision of daily necessities or some other items between your temporary need of festive decors, what will be you plan B in that situation?

One solution will be making the most out of the current space and another will be adding the auxiliary items for your décors and necessities to make a handshake at common living space.

Scroll ahead and try to conjure up some ideas fit for you in this holiday season.

songmics bamboo plant standConsider having a mantel shelf separately      

The best thing about the mantel shelf is the warmest association with the hearth and home as well as one of the most festive epitomes to celebrate the joyful time with families together.

The united structure of the shelf with the fireplace is always the necessity at home this time. With sufficient warmth from flaming logs, everyone will like to sit around it and have a cordial chatting about the time of the past year.

Sometimes the stocks and flocked garland will dominate the place and leave you no place for extra decors. If that is the problem, the simple shelf can always help you to fulfill your magnificent decorating project.

Considering the right angles and straight lines of the mantel, we would also like to offer a shelf combined with vertical and horizontal lines. The low key brown gloss floating on the nice touch bamboo slats composes a unique structure making a compliment to the architectural art.

With the upper layers pointed to the opposite directions, they help to strike the balance of visual comfortable form and the weight loading function on each layer.

By placing beside the mantel, you can have more stocks or garland to create the united look. Or considering have some mini Christmas trees show based on the treetop on the upper layers. The tree branches or some bowties will also look nice on the shelf.

songmics bamboo multifunctional shelfIf you’ve prepared some festive dishware, do not hesitate to show off

If you would like to introduce some new dishware glazed with joyous festival hues instead of the ordinary china used on the daily basis, why not show it off together with your personal tableware and the views on dinner tabletop.

No matter the lure of savory food such as roasted goose or turkey glows with the fine grease or the dainty combination of various shapes of porcelain and steel wares, they will be the bonus of letting your guests know how well you hosted.

More than that, you can always choose some jars, mugs, or some other containers with special shapes, colors, and patterns to be corresponding with the main theme of your table. But the problem will be how you place them while you can show them.

With this light version shelf made from bamboo, you can achieve the goal without too many exertions. Thanks to its lightweight, you can mount and fix it on the wall with some simple bolts and screws.

The adjustable layers enable you to place some shorter items like jugs and mugs on the top while leaving some containers with a high neck on the lower like some glass bottoms. Now, you will not only enjoy the show but also have all the extra dishware ready to serve.

songmics shoe bench with 3 storage compartmentsThis is how you can cope with an increased amount of shoes

When more guests are invited to a home for a get-together, there definitely will be doubled the number of shoes based on those numbers.

You won’t expect your guests to find anywhere for their shoes and just place them on the floor casually. And the other awkward thing may be so many pairs of shoes over there in the entryway that your guests find no proper place to take them off or put them on.

Imagine that you entryway just like a ballroom. And every guest pass by there just like dancing with one foot on the floor and another hovering in the air… just don’t let that happen like a spoilsport to a party ahead.

This storage bench with lower compartments will prevent the nightmare mentioned above. First, the upholstery upper surface will be nice and warm to sit on and touch. Your guest will be impressed with your hospitality in detailed consideration.

Second, the lower relatively higher vertical space enables the seasonal boots to be properly stashed underneath the seat. Your guest then will know that you are 100% percent ready for their coming.