In our last post, we mentioned Christmas gifts for all families. Yet we intentionally left out a group dear to us because we felt they deserved special attention. We should never forget Christmas gifts for our furry friends!
While we obviously never have a personal favorite or preference between our canine and feline friends, we want to focus on the feline cuties out there. And don’t worry dog pals, next time we will make a wish list just for you!

Smoky Grey Cat Tree UPCT18GThis is a genuine, luxurious condo – seriously!
We include many types of cat trees in our cat condo series. These types include all kinds of structures for the daily needs of your cat. But for those cat owners with more than one cat, some of them may be too small. Their cats always quarrel to determine who will rule the top perch.
To peacefully solve that dispute, we wholeheartedly recommend this cat tree with 3 top perches. With a perch for each of your cats, they might just take the time to find their favorite one!
If they start to feel bored when lying down on the top, there are 3 toy balls attached to the perch below. Now all they need to do is stretch out their paws and have some fun.
For the cats concerned about their privacy, there are 2 private condos positioned on adjacent layers. The luxe room, equipped with a round window and arch gate, enables them to enjoy the view outside while staying safe inside. The standard room, with only the arch gate, is sufficient for a comfy and lazy nap.
The other surprise is the front slope paved with sisal rope. Imagine yourself with the feeling of comfortably stepping on massage mattress – it would be the same for them!
Behold, the great cat king is walking down the slope!

2 Condos Cat Tree UPCT90GWhy not a simple structure filled with comprehensive facilities?
Featuring two separate condos for plenty of relaxing and hide-and-seek, this cat tree effectively combines function with space-saving design.
While one condo features a square shape with a small window and arch gate, the another is cylindrical with just a gate, perfect for hiding away. To meet every cat’s sleepy needs at different times of the day, the condos will easily fulfill their tasks.
2 top perches and 2 condos, located on either side of the tree, give this tree a varied combination look. It will also add some ornamental elements with its unique architectural design to the room.
A side basket for some extra fun is included on one of sisal covered columns. This cat tree with basket is something you can’t miss!

Cat Tree with Feeder UPCT99GA pawsome place for parkour fans
This cat tree with a bowl for food includes a top perch, condo, and basket. This makes it an activity center for your rambunctious cats.
The generous distance between layers and columns enables the cats to jump back and forth, with plenty of solid material supporting the structure for their safety.
To strike a balance between product weight control and structural stability, we added more sisal covered columns for activities instead of rooms for resting. Features like this focus on making it an activity center, rather than simply a resting place.
Pamper them with this energy-consuming cat tree. They can carelessly bounce and scratch on this cat tree. Once they want to re-energize, they can treat themselves on the top with the removable feed bowl. If they would like to take a break, the lower hammock is for them to cuddle up while they rest their limbs.
They might get so obsessed with it, they start spending more time clawing at the sisal-covered posts and less on your couch. Keep an eye on them, though – you don’t want them missing out on the family Christmas party.