We are always pleased to find another upcoming autumn is sneaking up. The familiar impression of comfortably dry and cool and all things seem to return to its most favored seasonal poise. Our home should also be synchronized into such a simple and cool status.

A sure thing is you can pack up or stash away bits and pieces in to the container or cabinet where they can be properly preserved. If you think further about each space inside the rooms, you may find that some of them are still unused.

The worse is that you cannot find a proper storage container there to utilize the space and the open space there is just another spot needed to be periodically dust collected or wiped.

Here we have some good stuff to share with you. You may follow it or the ideas to make something your own.

tree shaped bookcaseWho said the books can only be parallel placed

Most of us are no strange about the conventional perpendicular bookcase. All books are well preserved in different layers of it. In the case of such a view in the library, it would be a marvelously grand view there.

If the same thing happened in your apartment or even moderately spacious home, the view starts to become a little outdated or dull. More than that is the footprint it will take no matter horizontally or vertically.

Since the book collection in most homes will not be in a large amount, some of the layers are bound to be empty. Thus, the occupied space there is becoming less valuable.

Actually, you can make your book storage solution strike the perfect balance between form and function with a relatively irregular shaped bookcase.

What we have here is a tree-shaped bookcase. All layers are intersected to support each other. I think it looks much like a fishbone and such structure effectively prevents space squandering.

The slope on each layer, under the natural effect of gravity, makes the books tie to each without the gaps. The obliquely parallel slabs and the harmoniously different orientation of the books will make each time grabbing and picking the books become the labor of love to the owner of the books.

small storage shelfA tiny shelf can be used everywhere

We have a shoe shelf in the mudroom to prevent the mud intrude further into our home. The shelf in the garage is usually robust to endure the weight of the metal toolsets. Sure thing is that we also have varieties of shelf inside the house.

Most of them will perform its functions circumstantially. We won’t place it elsewhere instead of where it originally should belong to. So if you wish to have an all-purpose shelf, it should be easy to carry and easy to use.

The reason this 3 tier bamboo shelf is slatted in each layer is that enabling the air to pass through once it will be used under a moist circumstance, and on the other is that to lose some weight to make it lighter to carry.

We also have some preset slots on the side legs. It will help you to adjust and fix the layer into different height in case you may use it in the kitchen or bathroom where there will be some bottles.

In consideration of the lightweight, you are welcomed to fix it on the wall with some anchor screws. It will help to take less countertop space in your kitchenette.

In consideration of the tiles or backsplash that will be in the form of stripe or regular geometric forms, you will like this shelf there being along with your favored tiles to render a wonderful mix and match.

industrial coat rackHave a tiny cloakroom at home

Thanks to the inspiration of the canted legs of the table, we think out that a coat rack could also be in such a form. A teepee like coat rack will complement your entryway with some exotic delight which kindly reminds you where your coats should belong to.

Such a shape will also take less space with unique cone shape as well as increase the storage amount by vertically adding storage solutions.

We don’t want to leave the inner space empty among four supporting legs. So some boards have been added for your grab-and-goes finding their ideal residence.

It is beyond doubt that the hooks are always the necessities for the coat rack. And they are already there on the tip and upper part of the canted legs.