How is your gift preparation now? You should take it into serious consideration now since its proximity.

As the end of the year approaching, we starts to expect consecutive festivities coming. Except all families, peers, siblings have a chance to stay together, we can also look forward to receive some surprises from them. As return, you may still anxious about offering what kinds of gift. Just as this Thanksgiving, we have it for each year. However you can imagine how boring on shortage of imagination of gift ideas. Based on that trouble, it is a pleasure for us to offer some gift ideas for your reference.

The meaning of the gifts for Thanksgiving is literally same as it is. To be thankful to whom you care about and what they have done for you in all year round. So no matter what character you are acting as in the family, you should also prepare the gifts based on the role and gender of gift beneficiaries.

For your daughter, you are eager to create all happiness and bliss for her. All you can do best for her, you just make that come true in maximum effort and minimum time. For your son, you would like to share each joyous time with him. No matter lie down on the grass to count stars at night, or run back and forth to have some fun in backyard. Also as a son or daughter to your parents, your old man or lady always deserve an annual rewarding gift for their caring and love. So, we’d like to categorize your wish list like this.

A watch box makes time stay UJWB13B

Watch Glasses Organizer Box UJWB13B

The black faux leather exterior make this watch box integrate eternally classic craftsmanship into extreme functionality. Our designer divides the interior space  into two parts. The rational separation leaves sufficient storage space for watches on one side, and the other side for glasses. The selected transparent glass lid is corresponding with inside optical material. When the natural sunlight leaves tonal comfort on the box, the whole box with close-knit stitching is just necessity that every man would desire. The glasses storage part would be optional for ZIPPO, rings, or some other daily accessories as fashionista’s must-have.

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A jewelry box coherent with stylish taste UJBC146BE

Small Portable Jewelry Box UJBC146BE

As counterpart to the men’s watch box, this jewelry box exemplifies the elegance of a lady. When take it out from your rucksack or handbag, just enjoy the touch of softness from its faux leather exterior. Parallel double linear stitching just accentuates buff-colored faux leather texture comfort. Glistening metal two-way zippers makes whole box is not only easy to use, but also introduce metallic toughness into leathery elegance. The sound size control just make internal storage sane in separation. The middle board with mirror enables you to change dressing solution at anytime. It also performs as divider for two storage spaces. The inside velvet material is just additional material comfort further help to protect jewelry.

Bottom part has 7 ring rolls for rings, earrings, studs, cross bar dividers offer 4 small compartments and also removable for holding lipsticks; top lid section has 3 hooks and lower elastic pocket to keep necklace, bracelets perfectly in place.

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A laptop desk for domestic cozy workspace ULLD004

Bamboo Large Laptop Desk ULLD004

Retrospect to the time that we still cope with all paperwork by actual paper and handwriting, a book stand is always the necessity for a better view. As for now we transfer from paper to laptop for better efficiency, why not make working time much comfy when the need to work at home. So we transform the book stand into laptop desk, which is still tiltable and fixable for better view. Imaginative thought of mechanical heat dissipation fan-shape airing holes also present carpentry craftsmanship on durable bamboo material.

The natural linear grain of bamboo has been well kept after polished for Oriental feeling of back to nature. Plus height adjustable desk leg, the whole structure will help you to stay in a healthy sitting posture most coherent with ergonomic principle. Taking notes is always reliable than overconfidence about you memory. So we also add a side drawer on the table. You could stash a pencil, some note papers, or some other small-size office items inside.

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A tiny wood shelf for everything well stowed UBCB13Y

Bamboo Bathroom Shelf UBCB13Y

Our basic need of the shelf is sturdy structure, convenient sorting, and bountiful storage space. On condition we make it lighter in weight and easy to move for occasional surface placing need, the functionality of shelf thus has been upgraded. Though the whole structure size is tinier comparing with traditional on-floor shelf, weight bearing is still reliable. Thick bamboo slabs under strict geometric structural design make the shelf competent for any room’s storage need. Close-format slatted tier surface does not only optimize weight bearing balance on each tier also prevent possible falling of small items from gaps.

For indoor space distribution, we will usually compress the space of entryway, kitchen, toilet to enable more space distribution for major functional rooms. So the shelf is ideal for these rooms. Even you would like to have a lite plant showcase on the balcony, enticingly juicy greenery foliage will better partner with straightforward wood grained bamboo surface under warm sunlight.

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