Year-end festivities are quickly approaching! Have you started working on making a list of Christmas gifts for the whole family, yet? We know that sending a gift with both practicality and creativity is a tedious task. We can help you with this hard time by giving you some of our most popular recommendations:

gifts for her

A center stage to show off the magic of their beauty

For those who are expecting a year of outfit updates, this vanity set is sure to please this Christmas.

This vanity set includes a vanity table and stool for enjoying some leisurely dressing time. A vine-shape relief has been carved onto the top surface of the mirror frame and the stool front for a personal touch. Such a technique gives the whole set a vintage aesthetic for the corner of your bedroom.

For the table, an ample table surface sits atop the slender round legs. While the table legs showcase delicate details down the middle, the stool combines the designs on the legs with the ultra-soft upholstery above. These details on the table and stool make them a perfect set.

Don’t forget about the most important part of the dressing table: functionality!

The tri-folding mirrors render a full-scale view from whatever angle you need. When folded, the mirror frame becomes a showcase with necklace hooks. The 4 tabletop drawers create more slots for your easy-to-access storage needs, while the 2 side slots give your makeup brushes their home. The additional space of 3 main drawers lets you have plenty of space to stow away your makeup and more.

Moreover, the dividers in 2 of the drawers help you to get rid of tangles and clashes between items.

Surprise her with this vanity table and stool set!

tri-folding mirror vanity set URDT06Z

A small box with all dressing necessities in reach

Ladies are sure to be happily surprised to get a gift like this. With a modern design, it’s one of this year’s must-haves for every fashionista.

Large in size and delicate in design, the vanity set above presents itself in a big way. This makeup train case, however, is much like a mini version of that. The design adopts a lightweight yet solid frame and exterior material for better portability. As a result, it has a compact structure with a rational inner space layout. This case is perfect for those important to you with on-the-go and advanced makeup needs.

When you open the box, you will see an impressive interior layout. The 3 layers with 2 upper trays are joined together for easy storage and sorting. With the whole case structure stretched out, it’s like a mini showcase for your entire makeup collection.

In addition to the magnifying mirror on the lid, this makeup case comes with a round, 5x magnification mirror so you won’t miss out on any details.

An easy-to-assemble shoe rack for the whole family

For those who are continuously hassled by the mess in the hallway, this gift can give them a big relief. With this shoe rack, they’ll be able to create a simple yet comprehensive shoe storage nook for the coming year.

It’s a simple and easy to assemble 3-layer shelf. With its modular design, all you need to do is connect the tubular bars with the joints to create a 3-layer shelf for a few shoes. Or, if you need a bit more space, you can add another shelf to combine 2 shelves into a 6-layer shelf.

It’s perfect for a whole collection of shoes from the entire family. For taller high heels or boots, you may need to remove a layer of bars for additional room.

gifts for him

Standing up to work isn’t a bad idea!

Being at work all day can be both physically and mentally exhausting. It’s time to help the ones you love increase their efficiency and comfort level at home or the office with this wonderful Christmas gift.

After sitting in your chair, staring at a computer for long periods of time, you are prone to suffer from sore muscles and an aching back. Why not change your posture for a while to help relieve your muscle strain?

The additional height of this standing desk offers an appropriate angle for working at the computer and help you relieve stress. Adjusting it is effortless with the inside handle. Don’t worry about a lack of space as there is plenty of room for all your gadgets and notepads.

The X-shaped supports are able to elevate 15.7 inches above the tabletop.

Or, you can take a seat to work and rest

If you want to create a top-of-the-line workspace or gaming room, you need a high-performance computer. Now, if you also want that corner to be comfy, you should consider a proper desk and chair. Help make the dreams of the gamer in your life come true, starting with this gaming chair.

Whether they’re an avid gamer or a person hard at work all day, this chair is hard to resist. It’s perfect for both purposes! With an adjustable back, you can easily lounge around and take a break. The seat height and armrests are all able to be adjusted.

No office can be complete without a comfortable chair.

gifts for kids

A little kingdom at home

You are sure to enjoy watching the kids cheerfully get a gift they truly love. Relish in the time of creating a little kingdom with your kids this Christmas.

This castle-like play tent, with its lovely pink color, will create a little kingdom at home for kids to let their imagination run free while they play with joy. Mimicking the night sky with glimmering stars, the ornamental stars on the surface of the tent will glow at night.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t want to leave the tent when it’s time to go – it’s conveniently portable! Lightweight and easy to fold, simply fold it into the bag and carry it wherever you’re headed to next.

Voila! The tent can go where you go. It’s great for time at a friends house or when on vacation.