What is your imagination for summer outdoor activities?

Soft and fine sand with slightly hot temperature under the bare feet, sunlight bath to naturally dye your skin into a wheat-like color, and stand courageously on your best surfboard toward the highest wave, hmmm… the vacation on the beach would be never better.

Or, challenge yourself under extreme hot temperature by hiking. With all your most professional hiking kits geared up, regardless of dehydration or bumpy road condition, step forward with maximum effort even sometimes over-exhausted. It would also be cool.

Well, you can also choose to peacefully stay at home to enjoy this hot season. Nobody said everyone should embrace this extremely hot season in a fiercely energetic way.

If you have a balcony or backyard, just sit there without any special arrangements would also be nice. To create such a leisure circumstance, you need some accent furniture being assistance. Then, let’s read on to find some.

rocking chairHow about sitting while rocking back and forth

Snuggle in a blanket to witness the marvelous moment of sunrise in the lukewarm morning can be an interesting thing to do. The only premise for this if you have time at that moment of the day.

Or a book, a cup of tea, and radio by the side on a side table, just sit there inspired by the magic of words combination, let each taste bud infused with tea fragrance, and an old melody echo around the ear.

Wait. I feel a little stiff under such circumstance if I stand there. Then grab yourself a seat. It should be comforting to sit. Definitely, this is a basic standard for the seat.

When you stay in a situation without something significant to do or someone to talk, you may find that parts of your body will uncontrollably inclined to shake. This would be a fun fact and you can indulge in that status when you are actually free.

Then let’s have the seat endowed with such function to serve you. A relax lounging chair will put your peaceful delight into could nine.

For cushion surface, the linen fabric will be modestly coarse when touching and such feeling will be much comfortable to sit in summer. Since we are prone to sweat and wet skin will easily adhere to the slick material like leather. The linen will not suffer such a problem.

The slightly irregular shape of the entirety combining of chair arms and legs render a visually comfortable arc to welcome every sitter to have a try. Also, such a structure will ensure mechanical stability and strength when you sit and rock.

You will not want to be stuck in the chair especially it can shake simultaneously with you. The considerate concave footrest at the extreme allows you effortlessly stand up no matter from the front or the sides.

sunshadeCreate a shade under the strong sunlight

The problem for the outdoor space in summer is strong sunlight. The high intensity of ultraviolet will harm the skin while the light will also cause the heat radiation to increase the ambient temperature.

If we would like to spend our leisure time in the backyard, we need to avoid direct exposure under the sunlight. The awning would be useful on condition we just sit in the extended area under the roof.

Nonetheless, the best spot in the backyard usually will not in the extended area. Then you need a mobile covering with you to your desired corner. Then, this canopy sun shade will be your ideal choice.

The foldable canopy and pole allow the whole structure to fit in a carry bag. The tiltable mechanism of the pole also better protect you from the sunlight the best angle. The tried-and-true usability of this grab-and-go sun shad deserves for you to find more surprises.

The stripe pattern on the canopy in white and blue will also leave a cool impression while UV proof coating will actually help to keep cool under the sunlight. You will like it when you get the first glance at it.

mobile side tableA countertop by the side will never be too much

Without the book or magazine, or music player, or some kinds of drink, your outdoor time in the backyard would be dull (unless you decide only to do meditation there). Keep them within reach would be great.

I’m afraid no one would like to change between the pose of sit and stand or move around to get what you need in the backyard. So why not get them ready in advance and once for all.

The trolley cart is usually recommended to be used in the indoor space. However, the proper usage in outdoor activity is not the prohibition anyway.

Consider finding a flat ground which is not in the humid circumstance for it. If you already have a sunshade there, the harm of UV will not be a problem anymore. The rest would only be placing what you want on the surface or the shelves.