It’s about time we post an article about helping your cats stay warm—we don’t want you thinking that we have a preference for dogs, as our last post only offered suggestions about keeping them warm.

Even though they have fur covering their bodies (surely an advantage compared with humans), you still have to take some precautions for them when the cold weather is here.

So, follow these steps to help them better enjoy life this winter:

a cat covered with quilt
Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Follow these ways to let them feel safe and warm

It’s always best to accompany and stay close to your cats, allowing them to lean close to your body. Since both cats and humans are mammals and the average body temperatures are close, they will feel more comfortable when they can snuggle up to their humans.

It’s especially important for newborn kittens to keep warm. Consider having a hot water bag for them, covering the bag with a towel or thick handkerchief to keep them from getting burned or too hot. Place the bag near their beds so they can choose to lie on it or stay close to it based on their preferences.

Also, fuzzy animal toys will be helpful for them when they go to sleep. Even hearing the “tic-toc” sound from the clock is also helpful for them to feel safe. You could consider having a tiny clock enclosed into the furry toy! The stuffing inside the toy will lower the sound from the clock.

See? An adorable kitty is sleeping comfortably with a warm toy by their side.

a cat lipping the paws

Photo by Eric Han on Unsplash

Pay attention to the details in their daily lives this winter

If you have a cat breed with short hair, you might be worried about their inability to withstand the cold air. It might sound crazy, but you might want to think about finding them some clothes to wear.

You can select the type of clothes based on the different need. If you would like to take them outdoors to enjoy the winter with you, consider selecting clothes made of wool, soft fur, or some thick textures to help against the wind. When they stay at home, thick cotton clothes are enough for their daily needs.

Moreover, they always need an independent home to live comfortably. An overly warm and insufficiently ventilated indoor environment can be a hotbed for germs. If the living spaces for human and cat are same, or sometimes you allow them to sleep on the bed, the bacteria will be carried and spread everywhere.

Just help them to create a home with a simple box and a mattress. Or, you can take a few minutes to select a favored cat condo to upgrade their living space.

a cat on the bed

Photo by Kristin Lopez on Unsplash

The diet in winter is also a factor you should look over

Since the temperature of both drinking water and their surroundings will be lower in the winter, the cat might be reluctant to drink water.

To maintain a healthy level of drinking water, consider properly warming the water to a temperature of 27-29℃ (81-84 ℉). The lukewarm water will be helpful to increase their drinking.

Since cats usually don’t prefer to drink cold water, you also need to avoid cold food for them. Just like us when it comes to dinner in winter, offer them hot chow this cold season.

To make their diet more nutritious and varied, try to include some minced and boiled carrots or other vegetables into it. The vitamins in these foods help to increase their immunity.

a cat with his master

Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

Keeping clean means comfortable and healthy cats

In the winter, cats usually shed less fur. Nevertheless, with less time exposed to the sunlight, your cats are prone to suffer from skin conditions. To cope with this problem, combing their fur on a frequent basis will work.

The metabolic waste on the skin and fur will be removed during the combing. The combing will facilitate their blood circulation, while also helping to remove the unnecessary fur.

After finishing the combing, both you and your cat will enjoy his/her elegant style again. Their fluffy profile will present themselves in a much more enjoyable way. If the sunlight is sufficient this winter, don’t forget to enjoy sunbathing together with your cats. The sunlight is a natural softener for their fur.