last post, we suggested starting off a whole new year by simplifying your trash disposal. Maybe you have a few ideas about where and how to start life in the new year, but how about extending your home improvement a little further?

Perhaps you are a fashionista that is obsessed with high heels of various brands and styles. Or, you need to clear the way among the piles of shoes cluttering your entryway. What you might need to do is increase or update your current shoe storage space!

How do you go about updating your shoe storage? Here are a few recommendations that might suit your needs:

Songmics Bamboo Storage Bench ULBS120N
Take your time and sit down with all shoes organized underneath

Do you hate needing to bend over to grab your shoes, jumping on one leg as you try to put them on? A bench can definitely help with that. Maybe you are in urgent need of sorting through the clutter of shoes for everyone in the family. A shelf is what you need! When the entryway isn’t large enough to accommodate both a bench and a rack, how about combining them into one?

This bamboo storage shoe bench can fulfil the task of sitting and storage in one. To better utilize the lower space under the bench, several bamboo layers have been inserted between the supporting columns. You can divide the lower shelf into 4 independent compartments for shoe storage.

The right 2 layers can be the apartment for your tennis shoes, while the larger area in the middle is the perfect exclusive space for taller boots and high heels. If you’re concerned about scratching or smudging your shoes, it’s best to separate them from other shoes to keep them in good condition.

You can see that the left layer is smaller than the others and the upper bench above is also lower. This part is for your kids and their small shoes. With papa’s and mama’s shoes by the side, they will start to learn the necessity of sorting shoes in order. Also, they will love to learn how to tie their shoes with their parents right next to them doing the same thing.

If you don’t need to sit, you can also place your bags on the surface of the bench. When it’s time to go outside, grab your shoes, put them on, and take your bag. Say goodbye to the old days’ hustle and bustle.
A lesser-known fact about this shoe bench is that it can also transform into a step stool in the bathroom. The lower surface will be perfect for your towels or body wash, and the slatted layers will let the air flow through to help avoid the growth of mildew in wet environments.

Songmics Vintage Shoe Bench Rack ULMR32A
Make your shoe bench another decoration in the entryway

If you like retrospective aesthetics and ultra simplicity, this vintage shoe bench is your must-have. The upper board presents a natural look with crafted knots, fissures, and grains to resemble natural wood. The matte-black lower shelf is good looking with its sleek arc profile that also ensures the stability of the whole structure with specially designed feet.

The two-layer shelf is sufficient for frequently-used shoes. It is a lite solution to shoe storage that you can even use it elsewhere for more uses.

Would like to add another side table at one end of your sofa? Not a problem. No matter if your couch is made of leather or fabric, the eclectic style of the bench allows it to flawlessly integrate into the style of your living room.

Do you lack a shelf in the bathroom to stash your towel and body wash? It will also work in the bathroom as a bathroom shelf. The mesh surface of the lower shelf allows for air flow to prevent the growth of mildew.

Songmics 4 Tiers Shoe Rack ULSA14G
Customize the layers on your shelf

The simple structure of this shoe rack is constructed of slatted, tubular bars. The even distance between the bars offers not only a steady weight bearing ability but also allows for sufficient air flow for shoe storage.

The horizontal distance of the shelf enables you to stash up to 20 shoes. If you think that the vertical space isn’t fit for your boots or high heels, simply separate the shelves. Place 2, 2-layers shelves side-by-side and use the lower layer for those short shoes and the upper space for taller ones.

If you don’t have enough space to store and sort shoes, consider stacking 2 of these 4-layers shelves. Now you have abundant space to wield the power of shoe storage. It’s perfect for placing seasonal shoes on the lower layer to make them easy to grab. When the season is over, put them on the upper layers and move others to the easy-to-reach locations.