Spending less time watching TV can be good for you. You may have been constantly told about this since you were a child at school. However, it’s a truth that sometimes we choose to be mindless.

As we spend 8 hours a day for 5 days working, our brain cells are in an incredible frequency in generating, fission and obsoleting. Why would we keep putting stress on our central neural system when we can relax at home?

Reading some books and magazines would be enlightening. Inviting some friends to come over to play games games or poker while enjoying some drinks would improve our hospitality. Nonetheless, the most effortless one is watching TV.

If you like to resonate with the plot in your favorite show, then you can utilize your emotions and imagination on the plot. Or. if you prefer just watching some sitcoms, then follow the plot to have some fun and keep on laughing.

Watching TV is your style to better enjoy your spare time. If you choose to entertain yourself in this way, keep yourself much more comfortable while you enjoy your TV time.

Songmics movable TV stand ULTV10BZReasonably rise up the TV to better enjoy the show

This movable TV stand presents its own profile in a simple geometric structure. A shelf floating on 4 castors offers not only a bountiful storage solution for your media consoles but also a sturdy platform for placing your TV.

If you don’t want the surroundings nearby the TV to be complex, just keep the stand in its original profile. Or, if you want it to perform as one of the storage solutions in your living room, consider adding some storage boxes in the lower shelf.

No matter whether you have controllers or any other gadgets you wantnear the TV, just stash and sort them into the box. Next time when you look for them, you don’t need to ransack the couch and each and every corner in the living room.

The airy stand structure is also helpful to arrange your wiring. Since the stand is movable, you can make it at the most proper place nearest to the outlet. Consider having a power strip with multiple charging ports on the lower shelf.

You can easily fix all wiring on the tubular support bar with some cable ties if you want. Let them hang in the air with a cable tie to avoid the mess.

Songmics mobile sofa side table ULNT50XEnjoy binge-watch with all bits and pieces within reach

Now that you are able to move your TV from one room to another, why not fetch a fine side table for where you sit? You might want a side table that can also be used in any room without too much effort to move it. Then this mobile sofa side table is what you crave for.

A vintage architectural “C” shape cleverly integrates minimalist functionality to enable it to be effortlessly tucked beyond the sofa or the side of your king size bed. Its eclectic combination of dark wood veneer on the tabletop and matte metal base will complement any category of furniture style.

If you want to enjoy some snacks while watching TV, consider placing them on the table. Think about including some low-calorie snacks like microwave popcorn, a few crackers with cheese, or just several almonds. You won’t want to be a real potato in front of the TV at the end of your favorite episode.

Or, just put your cell phone on it so you don’t miss the update of your friends’ Twitter or new messages. If the TV time is just a break before your next home office task, you could put your laptop on it to follow your email inbox.

Songmics folding storage ottoman ULSF10BHow about creating a lounge with a folding storage ottoman

Even if your living room is spacious enough to include a couch with a lounge bed, an extra ottoman can also be an auxiliary for living room storage. If would like to put a chair or simple sofa in the living room, an ottoman can perform its multiple functions.
It will help you to create a lounge combined with your chair or short-length sofa. As an ideal footrest, it could offer a slowly descending or equal height surface for your lounge.

What will be Netflix new releases in 2019? Sure, you don’t want to miss your favorites. How about stashing a note or TV series magazine under the lid? It can actually include more items inside the underneath storage space based on your need.