To go or not to go out? That is the question in July. Then Songmics Al fresco paraphernalia helps you design your outdoor ideas.

We are always eager to go out to be close to nature and relax even it is hot in summer. Along with your summer vacation travel itinerary, your to-do list shall cover all families’ necessities preparation and package. These necessities may include but not limit to babies’ circumstances-specific toys. They are best for play at that circumstance which they prefer. Or jewelry and makeup makes lady most charming according to that background. Or pants and jerseys men like best to show their manliness when outdoor….

So no matter what they are, you need to organize all these stuffs in a case or box. Or dissemble some of them into pieces for carry without extra troubles. Based on these needs and considerations, we have some inexpensive yet worthy outdoor ideas for your summer travel must-carry reference.

Jewelry/makeup bag

When you open up suitcase after reach the destination, you may find that little things scattering around. Especially for ladies’ makeup and jewelry, it is hard to pick them out when they stay together. Even put together in a compartment in suitcase or in another bag, the mess seems to be still there.

With all due respect to those accessories which will serve you quite a long time before you find some faddish thing instead, you may still need a functional organizer for them to stay in one place while have them separated without clash to each other.

The organizer should be little in size thus it could be squeezed into your limited space of suitcase. It should be light in weight thus no more extra muscle strain or sore. If it could be stylish and well designed in appearance, it would be better. These portable makeup/jewelry organizers have taken all your needs into consideration, for those gentlemen who has need to match watch with their suits, watch organizer has been prepared.

Jewelry/makeup case

For those who are finicky about their jewelry/makeup storage, definitely hard material organizer box would be an enhanced version of their accessory storage. Moreover, hard material also enable more mechanical support pieces integrated to make all compartments clear-cut and load bearing of one compartment layer much reliable. Though it has larger storage space comparing with soft material case, net weight control are always in consideration for designers who require toughness on one hand and portability on another.

Even the largest size jewelry/makeup organizer box, it would be attached with casters to make it acceptable on weight for ladies. So it seems to be a simple box just from outside, when it has been opened and support  pieces has been stretched, you will be surprised by its abundant  space with layers, compartments, & divisions.

Functional bag

We include toiletry bag and lunch bag in this section. Sometimes unobvious tiny design in the corner of a bag would be ultra functional and practical just meet your need. For example, if there are 2 adjacent pouches in the bag, 1 for lipsticks and lip glosses, and another for teeth clean appliances, just like close distance and intimacy between tooth and lips, how considerate this design would be. And this definitely is what we have integrated into our toiletry bag. Pouches, pouches, and more different sizes and categories of pouches have been integrated into the bag. Just throw whatever you want into it since all of your toiletries would find their place in the bag.

As for bag itself, you may carry it, place it on the surface, or even hang it up on the hook to save more place, thus it may be treated as a hanging cabinet exclusively for toiletries. This would be great when you are on a trip after suitcase unpacked and hard to find places to categorize your belongings. Lunch bag includes not only functionality mentioned above, but also bring its thermal insulation into force. Except outside waterproof material same as which for toiletry bag, it also integrates inner thermal insulated material to effectively control heat conduction. So keep cool or keep hot inside the bag, you decide, and leave rest to the bag.

Side awning

side awning

Even if an outside, open environment to enjoy familiarity with nature, you still would like to has some privacy only belong to you and your families. Side awning now would be the option. No matter on the lawn in your backyard, or a corner in the garden, you could easily create a retreat to enjoy peaceful leisure time. What’s more, it is retractable into the scroll. Fix one side to the wall and attach another side to the post, basically 2 steps procedure allows you to finish creating that retreat.  After fixed in position, just enjoy breeze, sprinkling sunlit spot on the ground, and your tea under its secured and firm structure and UV protection dense material.

Picnic blanket

All things goes with you when outside for picnic, hiking, or camping should be convenient enough, thus they may help you add more fun to each chance of joyous time with your families or friends. From thermo jug to buggy bag, all these al fresco kits are featured with ultra handy and functional. What we recommend here may not be same on size as which of what we mentioned above, but it is necessary when you try to find a place to sit and share the rest place with others.

Yes, it is a simple picnic blanket. You don’t want to burden extra weight in your backpack, then its material has been specifically selected to control the weight and foldable into a handy bag. You don’t want to add extra task for your laundry work, then its material feature decides that it is waterproof, resistant to wearing, and easy to clean with wet tissue. And its size is large enough for all families to sit on. And totally 3 colors and patterns for your choice includes galaxy, wavy, and fruits.


In our childhood most of boys and girls would look forward to have a trampoline in our backyard. It should be large enough in size, thus our little friends, kitties, doggies would all throw themselves into it with us. Bounce up and down or even imitate what we see in circus or TV show to demonstrate our unique technique in calisthenics. Besides, we ordinary people could have the only chance to get rid of the restraint of gravity to be closer to sky as a pilot or astronaut. Maybe you have more funs with trampoline if there is a trampoline in the backyard. So why wait?

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