We are finally here in 2019—how should we go about creating a good beginning for it? Maybe you still feel uncertain about a new year resolution. It’s actually simple if you keep an eye on your surroundings! The most achievable goal, yet still within reach, is to tidy your home.

A good beginning could be that all your items at home are sorted and placed in their spaces. Or, maybe you can make some tiresome chores much more efficient, letting you enjoy more time for relaxing.

Now, what about this: Are you satisfied with your garbage solution at home? If your answer is no, or maybe if you even had to think about it for a little while, this is where you can start your plan for home improvement.

If you aren’t sure where to start, then these recommendations from us will help.

Songmics slim trash can ULTB04NL

Make use of small spaces in your home

This slim trash can is the perfect solution to be placed by the side of cupboard or sideboard. As its size is shorter in width and longer in length, you can put it in an idle space beside the kitchen countertop.

When you have guests at your home, they are sure to be surprised (in a good way) by your choice of this trash can. When they need to toss some trash, they might have a difficult time finding where you put it because of its slim design. They might be jealous of the fact that you are able to have a trash can in some small places.

Perfect for narrow and tight places, it will offer an unexpected visual effect compatible with kitchen countertops or sections between the entryway and living room.

So, if you’re looking for an unnoticeable trash can, this is what you want. But, don’t be fooled by its seamless integration into the background—its loading capacity and function design are bold and simple.

Its generous 40 L volume enables you to change the rubbish bag once a day, if you so please. If not, there should be plenty of room still left over at the end of the day!

Songmics Songmics trash can with a step pedal ULTB01NL

Or, you may try this trash can with a step pedal in a classic profile

If you are picky about your furniture and home accents, this is what you want. When you want everything at home in its independent place and categorized clearly, yet still compatible with each other in style, then this trash can can help you out.

When the light shines on the surface, the stainless steel will reflect a comfortably sleek gloss.
It makes a statement while complementing the surrounding furniture and home accents, blending in with the entire home style. Moreover, the fingerprint-proof stainless steel surface will leave it in timeless elegance. Wherever it has been placed, its presence will blend in and symbolize your lifestyle of being simply tasteful.

As an extra bonus, don’t worry about when you are holding trash with both hands. Just put some pressure on the pedal with one foot and the lid will open up for you. Thanks to its considerate material selection and inner structure design, the lid will open without any unpleasant noises.

Songmics double trash can ULTB60NL

Need room for recycling too? No problem

When you first take a look at this double trash can, you might notice the way it looks more than what it is used for. The cool, matte black lid and glimmering metallic sliver structure make it another ornament to your home.

Corresponding to its robust external appearance, the inside design is also functional. You can easily categorize your trash and recycling with the twin 60 L volume cans, dividing it from the get-go, without needing to sort them later.

The design of the lid, paired with the pedal down below, let you open the trash can without needing to have an empty hand.

The silent and airtight lid allows it to open quietly while keeping the odors from the trash inside when closed. Next time someone else asks you to help to change the garbage bag, you don’t need to worry about finding an excuse because of the odor.