When the first warm breeze of the season comes softly through the open window, you begin to realize that it’s finally time to go enjoy being outside. Before we can plan to go hiking or camping, we shouldn’t forget about the view in our backyard.

Since spring is the ideal season to loosen the soil and begin planting seeds, we need to get all of our gears ready for the toil and moil. Gardening should be an enjoyable time, an opportunity to finally connect with the soil and plants.

To make your gardening effortless and keep you focused, we have some gardening tools ready for you. No matter whether you’re digging or seeding, you can stay in your garden and focus on gardening comfortably as long as you wish.

Songmics Garden Kneeler Seat UGGK50LTake a seat, slow down, and garden casually

If you’re fond of gardening, then you’ve probably experienced a long time kneeling, bending, or lowering you back and knees for weeding, pruning, or seeding. After you finish and try to get up, ouch! Sore muscles or numbness somewhere on the body happen every time.

When you’ve realized that this isn’t an ideal situation and no longer want to put your body under strain, then it might be time to consider getting a stool.

Since you’ve made the decision to get a seat, then you should look for one that’s as professional as the way you take care of your plants.

Sometimes you have to bend your knees to reach the lower height of your plants, but you should focus on reducing the pressure on your knees.

This gardening kneeler bench will fulfill your expectations. It’s sturdy yet lightweight and foldable for easy stashing and grabbing anywhere in your backyard.

What’s more, it enables you to gather all gardening tools within reach. The pouches on both sides of the bench allow your utensils to be placed orderly while protecting you from the sharp edges of the tools.

This is the one-for-all solution once you take out the bench. After you unfold the bench, you have all you need for your gardening tasks. Lower down the pad as a kneeler or keep it up top for use as a bench. Your comfy and delighted gardening in spring shall begin with a competent kneeler bench.

Songmics 8 Pieces Garden Kit UGGS40LDo you have all the equipment ready for different needs?

For gardening, you should be prepared with a variety of tools in your tool kit. Applying the appropriate tool to its corresponding job will help make your work less time consuming and save you energy.

If you want a tool that “feels so good when grasping in the hand,” then we would like to recommend this garden tool kit integrated into a stool. They have been perfectly designed in size as well as weight.

What the tool kit includes:

The transplanting trowel has depth measurements on it for quick reference. And, this tool is perfect for delicate transplanting jobs. 

The hand rake is great for cultivating plants. You can also use it to loosen soil, remove weeds and aerate.

The hand trowel is suitable for digging, planting and breaking up hardened dirt clods.

The weeding fork is for loosening, cleaning and leveling the ground.

The weeder can help you dig around stubborn weeds and loosen soil while causing minimal impact to the mulch.

The pruner is solid and well balanced, perfect for a variety of general pruning tasks, and fits the hand nicely.

In addition to these handy and functional tools, the surprise of this kit would be that all of them attached on the stool. The weight of the tools will help to balance your weight to keep you sitting comfortably without the worry of toppling over.

Also, if you love fishing, you can also fit your fishing tackle into those pouches and bring them out to go for fruitful fishing.

Songmics 9 Pieces Garden Kit UGGB31LConsider upgrading your tool kit

Except for the trowel, transplanter, weeder, hand fork, hand rake, and pruner, and other commonly used gardening tools, this 9 piece garden tool set also offers a spray bottle and work gloves—with a convenient tote bag included.

Just take out the bag and show off your gardening prowess!