After a whole day long hard labor or housework, except for cooking a tasty meal to refill the energy, a comfortably warm bath or shower would put one’s mind and already worn-out limbs on cloud nine.

So, we sometimes prefer to call our powder room a bath-inspired place to infuse ourselves in the slightly hot water and essential oil. Aside from the hygienic need and the alleviation of the stress, we may make it a place we can better enjoy.

Maybe you have already had your favorite tile, basin, faucet, tub and a niche to compose the vibe only belongs to your aquatic paradise. However, if you pay more attention to the details in that room, you can enjoy more from a bath.

Let’s take a look at what we can do to make some supplements or enhancements.

Bathtub trayLet the body both hydrate from the outside and inside

Don’t let your slender goblet only being idle on the rack in the kitchen and dining room. Make it somewhere else in your powder room. Thus you can enjoy both the fragrance and modestly pungent flavor of wine and comfort of the bath.

Regarding the benefits from your most favored Pinot or Sauvignon, you may have more insight and taste than what can be mentioned here. It is good for the digestion, piques the metabolism, antioxidant, and many more.

The most important thing is the relaxing and enjoyable feeling when taking a sip. Each taste bud seems to be invigorated and each cell inside the body seems to be pleased with such a magic agate red fluid.

Ah… it always makes me digress when mentioning about the wine. Let’s get to the point. We will try to find a place for your glass of wine. If you decide just to take a shower, we can do nothing about it since the limited time and space will be the restraint factors.

If you have time for a warm bath inside your tub, then we can place a shelf on it to stably stretch over the tub. The bathtub caddy tray can help you a glass of wine is a nice neighbor next to all your bath necessities.

The extendable tray can be adjusted according to the actual breadth of your tub to make it steadily fix there and offer enough support for the items placed on it. And the grey color will in tune with most white tub regardless of the shape.

The compartments and slots on the tray are already hospitable for their guests. They may include but not limited to your goblet, towel, soap container, pad, cell, and something I cannot imagine.

shower benchTake a seat when you expect to sit

When we apply the soap or body wash onto the body, sometimes we just hate to stand to do that. Why there must be such an awkward occurrence in such a relaxing time. Since most chairs or benches do not design to be used under such a moist place, they do not fit there.

Considering the special physical conditions inside the bathroom, this shower bench has been specifically left the space between the bamboo slabs to increase the ventilation and drying progress.

The slightly introvert curved legs render a slender silhouette for the whole frame to make it a nice company by the side of your sleek profiled tub or cabinet. The sidebars will help the towels within your reach without extra bars to hang them.

The underneath layer is just another shelf in case you may want whatnots also within reach for using at any time.

bathroom cabinetIncrease the storage space to tuck items away

The entire impression of the powder room is usually simple and clean. If you don’t want to break up the look, enough storage space is required.

Maybe you have already had an integrated cabinet and basin or independent one and just want another as a standby. So, you may have a light version storage solution such as this cabinet with adjustable drawers.

The whole structure includes a 3-layers shelf and 2 drawers can be adjusted between different layers. Thus you have open and closed storage space at once in 1 piece of furniture.

Something cannot endure the moist from the floor can be placed on the top layer inside the drawer while some others will be left at the bottom for the convenience of fetching.