Who is the toughest, coolest, most important man you have ever met? The answer should be easy: your dad. Maybe from your angle, he might be one of the most trustworthy and reliable consultants to you in every aspect and each period in your life.

He is not only good at handling those wires and pipes, but also a powerful athlete always running in front of you or a never-been-beaten competitor you’ve never won against every time arm wrestling.

That’s why he has the right to accompany his child to her down the aisle to be with their reliable other half in life. Also, almost every kid has a camping, hiking and fishing boat experience with their almighty dad.

Without question, we worship him. So why not reward him with the coolest gifts you can find? Let’s get to work with our gifts selection now.

SONGMICS Brown Lockable Watch Box UJWB012ZMen also need a catchall for his little items

What kind of outfit do you think is the coolest for a man? Sunglasses, a leather jack, and jeans? That would be nice. The ability to pay attention to some unobvious details will make a man much attractive.

Furthermore, a tasteful quartz watch shining on his wrist will best match his outfit. Men also have the desire to restore and select their outdoor accessories before they go outside. Watches will be an important one of them.

That is isn’t just for keeping a sense of time, but it’s also about his taste for life. On the condition that your old man happens to be such a person that cannot leave without his watch, yet owns more than one, consider getting him a watch box.

Here we recommend this Brown Lockable Watch Box. Just like when we mention the man’s outdoor outfit match, the surprise is in the details.

The brown faux leather touch is accentuated by the close-knit stitching and the cool silver metal lock and knob on the front. Together, they create a slightly rough yet savvy feeling.

Unlike the tough exterior, the interior will be ultra soft enough to better preserve the glass watch surface. More than that, it is roomy enough to stow all his watches in. Maybe he will have some other little accessories to match his watch—the lower drawer with a different type of compartment will be handy.

SONGMICS Industrial Folding Ladder Shelf ULLS88BFHelp him sort out the garage

Most of us will have the inclination to DIY our belongings no matter what the item is designed to do. Men will much prefer to do that may be with his car, fishing tackle, or some other heavier equipment.

The garage is a place for men to show their craftsmanship. However, a large number of tools with different functions and sizes will engulf the space of the garage. Don’t underestimate them—the pile of them will be a painstaking thing to handle.

Giving your old man a practical shelf will do a great help. How about this industrial folding ladder shelf? The industrial style is originated from the elements features of warehouses and factories. It will be unobtrusive in any corner of the garage.

If the time comes when he needs to store it away, the shelf can be folded into just the shape of a board. With its ease of use, it won’t be that last straw to break the camel’s back.

Leave the storage thing to your old man.

SONGMICS Garden Kneeler Seat UGGK49LIf a gardener lives inside of him, encourage him to keep on

Most of us have the nature to stay close to mother nature, especially the greenery in our yards. No matter if he has a whole backyard of various plants needing to be continuously fed with water and fertilizer, or just a porch with several potted plants, a stool can help him protect his knees.

This garden kneeler bench will be a sidekick to his gardening pursuit. No matter if it’s for reaching the higher branch of the bush or lower flowers or grass, the bench can be adjusted based on the different needs.

The side pouch will have all necessary gardening tools and equipment within reach. It helps to increase the convenience into another level on his hobby.