It’s important to keep your favorite furry friends warm during these cold winters. Some of the more common ways to keep your dog warm in the winter are by buying them a cuddly coat for when they are out and about, and a fluffy bed to help stay toasty all night long. Still, there are a few other ways you may not think about that can help keep your dogs healthy and comfortable this holiday season and beyond. Here are 7 tips we compiled to help you out!

dog covering with blanket

Photo by Matthew Henry

Tip 1: Blankets or thick towels to keep warm
If you just adopted a puppy into your home, keeping them warm is extremely important. As they may be away from the rest of the litter for the first time or be without their parents, the puppy is vulnerable to the cold weather.

The most simple solution to help them keep warm is to add some well-cleaned, thick blankets to their bed or crate (old, thick towels can be substituted if you’re worried about them getting dirty). These can definitely help preventing the heat from escaping and keep the puppies warm and comfortable.

Tip 2: Prevent exposure to the wind
If you have a puppy or young dog in your home, especially if they are 6 to 8 weeks old, it’s best to try to keep them away from the wind and cold air when possible. Keep them away from open windows, air conditioning, and anything that may make them chilly. While a little cold may not be for us, it’s best to try to keep your puppies warm. Proper ventilation for them is vital to their health in the winter.
dog covering with blanket

Photo by Jessica Knowlden

Tip 3: Keep the temperature steady
The indoor temperature should be neither too high nor too low when setting the heating system for the house. Long time exposure to cold and sharp temperature differences when going outside can make us it difficult for both us and our dog friends to readjust.

The ambient temperature for their living areas should be from 13℃ to 15℃ (55℉-59℉). Proper insulation for door or windows should be applied to prevent cold air from entering in.

Tip 4: Enjoy the sunlight, even in the winter!
To help keep them warm, try placing their crates in the sun. Even the sunshine duration in winter is shorter compared with other seasons, proper exposure to the sunlight is necessary. The sunlight is helpful to keep their nearby environment and daily supplies warm and dry.

Don’t forget to clean and dry their daily supplies even in winter. The ultraviolet rays from sunlight is always a good natural disinfectant. It helps to sterilize the supplies and makes it more difficult for the growth of bacteria.

Tip 5: Increase the intake of calories
With temperatures going down, the percentage of their calorie used for producing heat will rise up. To balance the caloric consumption and intake, we need to properly increase their intake amount of protein and fat. Such as cheese or animal innards for dog, these kinds of food are able to fast replenish calorie and last longer for consumption. They will be helpful to keep warm.
dog walking in snow

Photo by Ales Krivec

Tip 6: Don’t forget outdoor activities
Choose a sunny day during the winter to take a walk with your dog outside. It’s not only a good chance to enjoy the snowy white world outside, but also to keep your dog fit through exercise. Sufficient time for exercising under the sunlight will help the body get some vitamin D.

Your dogs internal system will be faster in producing Vitamin D after enough exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is the key element that helps them to absorb calcium for bone development. Moreover, the exercise and sunlight will also help to increase their immune system.

Tip 7: It’s also important to stay warm after the bath!
Taking baths to keep clean is important in all seasons. Try to get them to stay longer and cooperate with you while you finish drying them after the bath. Even if some of them are reluctant to do so, it’s still necessary to make their fur totally dry. For long haired dogs, being completely dry is especially important.

Keep them away from any vents in case they get cold. If they feel tired or sleepy after the bath, don’t forget to cover them with a blanket to help them keep warm!