In the transitional period between the fall and the coming winter (alright, sometimes it’s hard to clearly tell when fall ends and winter comes), we’d like to have anything directly related to snuggly warmth.

It’s no strange thing that this is a hot season for bedding and any furniture with textiles.

Even as the heating system helps to warm up the whole house, touching the cool surface of the furniture will make you uncomfortably gooseflesh.

So the thing you need to do is find some pieces with linen or fabric covering the surface if you have to take a seat there or are going to be in contact with them for a long time.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy for us to find several pieces just like this. Let’s see how we are able to get you some warmth this winter.

songmics wine color ottomanYou know it as the ottoman, we know it as more than that

We think that every house should have at least one ottoman. Since the seat will take up some much-needed floor space, then why not endow it with some other functions like storage?

No matter if your floor is marble, carpet, or wood, the overall soft sense and visual effect would be a complement to the choice and taste of your floor.

As for where we will use it, some of us will choose to create a lounge area alongside their loveseat. As some small spaces might not be able to fit a long sofa or couch, a loveseat will be a marvelous piece for those in need of a comfortable space.

Definitely, they could enjoy every minute as they snuggle in their loveseat when binge-watching their favorite show together. However, the extra lounge space with an ottoman will enable one to stretch out their legs.

Or, put the ottoman at the end of the bed in the bedroom. If you are no fan of beds with underneath storage containers, then some storage boxes and an ottoman will be your choice for storage.

With the headboard at one end and the ottoman at the other as the finishing touch to your queen-size or king-size bed, you’ll have a complete space to enjoy your sweet dreams.

You can enjoy the look each time you step into the bedroom while the tidiness of linens, blankets, and clothes are well stashed in the ottoman. The seat there will also give you sufficient space to sit down and get ready in the morning.

Based on the many possible favorite features of ottomans, this red wine colored ottoman is our choice for you to mingle some warmth with the cool vibe in fall and winter.

songmics solid wood benchUpholster your stool when you need it in the entryway

Once you have felt the necessarily comfy touch on your seat, you’ll probably want to have it everywhere. The best way to quickly get rid of each trace of outside coldness? Warm air and a soft, mattress-like seat for changing the shoes.

The refined touch of the wood structure and ultra-soft cushion on this solid wood shoe bench is all you need when sitting in the entryway.

The earthy and natural tone of the wood will add warmth while rendering a pleasing look of art. Each tapered wood leg embodies the artistic traits of carpentry.

The room underneath the cushion is able to have 1 or 2 pairs of shoes placed there. Spend a few extra minutes sitting there everyday, as a short break could make you feel better for a whole day of outside activities.

songmics upholstered storage shoe benchIn case you may want a comfy stool integrated with ample storage

If you want to place an extra shoe shelf beside your comfy upholstered stool, think about piecing them together.

This storage bench with 3 cubes will help us combine comfy seats with easy storage in a low key style.

When you take a closer look at the surface of the stool, you will find the agreeably long and thin wood grain floating on the frame surface in a naturally dark grey color, enabling you to easily top off your entire décor style of rustic, modern, or simplistic.

The roomy storage cubes underneath will make every pair of boots no longer worry about their special boarding needs because of their height.