Small bedroom means crowded and messy? That is absolutely not. A small bedroom with 10 squares also can show your unique lifestyle. You can change your bedroom with brilliant furniture and ideas for a small space. If you want your bedroom to look bigger in a limited room, these great ideas are really useful and helpful to make your room different from those tiny bedrooms. Before you remake your bedroom, you should understand one point, minimalism is the best for a small room. Get some brilliant home improvement ideas for a small bedroom now.

Here are 10 tips that help you make your little bedroom looks bigger.

  • Light/Soft Color.
  • The Use of Mirror.
  • Wall Mounted Storage Ideas.
  • Don’t forget the corner.
  • Wall Lamp.
  • Storage Space under the Bed.
  • Folding Desk.
  • Laptop Table.
  • Headboard Idea.
  1. Use the light and soft color. The different saturation of color shows different looks for the same space. A high saturated dark color with strong contraction makes the wall boundary line of the room more obvious. It will make your looks smaller. Such as black, red, deep purple, brown, etc. In opposite, a low saturated color will soften the edge of the wall. And low-saturation color, like white and some earthy colors, will weaken the edge of lines. You can try off-white or low-saturation wallpaper and some items in the same color series for your bedroom.
  2. Use the mirror to “double” your space. Make use of a large number of mirrors on the wall to create beyond the room. A mirror is a magic item that can show (reflect) the vision you see. If you have one, through the reflection of the mirror, you can get two. Of cause, it is just a fake. For expanding the space, the mirror helps you to create an illusion that you get a second place to use. To save the place and make your room looks bigger, you can stick a mirror on the wall. It not only can satisfy the requirement in your daily life, but also a wonderful tip for expanding the room.
  3. Wall-mounted storage item. In limited space, how can we store more? One great idea is to use the wall-mounted storage furniture items. Such as the wall-mounted coat rack and floating bookshelves. A wall-mounted coat rack is a good item to hang the coat, scarf, hat, bag, purse, and keys. For book-lover, a floating shelf is a good option for small rooms to support books. Compared with some floor stand bookcase, a floating bookshelf is really helpful in saving space.Wall-mounted Storage Shelf from VASAGLE
  4. Utilize the corner space. Don’t forget the corner. Corner storage item is another great idea for a small room. It will help you to spread out the extra storage space by using different kinds of corner storage items. Usually, the corner storage item created in a fan shape. This design is perfect for the corner area.Corner Shelf from VASAGLE
  5. Wall lamp or sconces lighting. Smaller than the floor standing lamp, the wall lamp is more suitable for small space. There are so many types of wall lamps you can use to illuminate in the room. You can fix the light stand on the wall next to your door or above headboards. Do not use large hanging lights in a small room as it will shorten the highness in a small room. Instead, ceiling lights are very friendly for the small room.
  6. A multifunctional bed with storage space underneath. If you are searching for the extra place to store items in a small room, use the bed with storage place underneath. Some furniture manufacturers provide a high bed with some drawers under the bed frame. Try to find a multifunctional bed in the bedroom with proper size and make more place to use.
  7. Fold-able desk as a small workstation. Do you have requirements for working in the home but do not have enough place to place a desk? No worry. For small room space, you can choose the folding desk as a small workstation in your bedroom. When you finish your work, just fold it up and lay it against the wall. As well, a folding chair is another item you can use in the small room.Folding Computer Desk from VASAGLE
  8. Laptop table for the bed. Working on the bed? Yes, another great idea for working in a small room. Prepare one laptop table for the bed and you can do some computer works when sitting or laying on the bed. On the other way, you also can use it as a bed tray for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small size and fold function will not take to much room to place and store.Laptop Table for Bed from SONGMICS
  9. Curtain as a room divider. Is it possible to have two separate rooms in a small bedroom? Of course, yes. Use the curtain as a room divider. The curtain not only helps us to block the strong sunshine but also a wonderful room divider when you want a more pirate room. In case you want to enlarge your space, just open the curtain. The curtain is also a good transitional part when you want to create both modern design and traditional design bedroom. It will weaken the contract between these two different interior styles.
  10. Storage headboards. The headboards are also a good place to store and decorate. Enjoy the reading time before you fall asleep. A great idea for a small bedroom is storage headboards. You can use it as a small bookshelf to place books, telephone, glasses, pictures, alarm, small night light on the storage shelf. If you do not want to use nightstands, a storage headboard has the same functions.

No matter where you live, you also can live a cozy lifestyle. If you have no ideas of small bedroom decoration, these 10 tips for a small bedroom you can make a reference.