Most cat owners will agree that cats tend to hold a grudge toward the owner when they are being tamed for some mischief.
Even when their behaviors cause damage to the furniture and supplies at home, they’ll do some other mischief to pay you back for you trying to tame their behavior.

Just ignore the saying of cats’ grudging behavior, as it is really about the misunderstanding between your orders and their behaviors. So, what we need to do is take the proper actions to let them know what is allowed and what is disallowed.

the cat on the tablePaul Hanaoka

Take the proper actions to encourage and discourage your cats

The reason that you find your cats seemingly do some mischief after you “tell” them do not do something particular again is the way you take to punish them.

If you forcibly let your cat realize that they did something you dislike, they will not accept it, and the further behavior they take will be treated as a grudge.

So, you need to patiently educate them on what to do. A case in point here is that many cats never like to take a bath. However, no cat can help to refuse the temptation from delicious food. So once they accept the bath and help you to finish the task, just give them their favored food as a reward.

Also, they like to be gently touched, and this could be a bonus for their acceptance of the bath. Well, a massage after lunch is really quite enjoyable. I can even imagine the circumstance they yawn and sprawl out cozily when being massaged.

After the first time, they are rewarded for such a thing, they will realize such behavior is rewarding. So, why not do that again for the humans and reap the rewards?

a yawning catCel Lisboa

If you need to practice punishment, take moderate actions instead

Keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to forcibly let your cats realize they do something that you dislike. Consider taking some other measures instead. You can get a spray bottle to use as a magic tool to help educate them.

Since cats dislike getting their smooth fur wet, then you can spray the water to them to stop them from doing mischief. Warm water is recommended and pay attention to control the strength of the sprayer. This is not a countermeasure to dispel protesters, so a mild spray will do the job.

After several times’ being sprayed, they will realize that taking part in that particular behavior will lead to being sprayed. Then they won’t do it again.

a gray British short hairJosh Couch

Keep an intimate relationship with your cats

On the condition you make the decision to adopt a cat, then you should focus on cultivating a relationship with them and treating him/her as one of your family.

One activity you can take part in is to get a toy to play with them. Let them enjoy the time staying with you while they prey on moving items.

Don’t forcibly hug your cat—even us humans don’t like to be hugged suddenly without any hints. Instead, when they come nearby, you can try to stretch out your hands and touch them gently from the head to the back. Don’t rub the belly unless they really into this kind of rubbing.

Touching contact can be the first step to gradually nurture your relationship. Having some delicious food ready as a reward can also help to strengthen the relationship.