It is not strange for the cat person that your cats will suffer the bed wetting thing. In such cases, they will start to grumble about it. Where they left their urine is the furniture you will see it daily. The stain there will be an inevitable spot you hate to see.

Or, they just directly left the urine on the bed and beddings. Sigh… another strenuous laundry work is coming.

However, the bed-wetting thing of your cats may not be the thing they are willing to do so. Maybe something is wrong with their health. Or, where they would like to piss suffered some problems.

Just be patient. Stay on with the post and let’s find out the problems.

cat covering with quilt

Kate Stone Matheson

You know that cats like to stay cleaning

All cat persons should have the basic knowledge that a cat is intended to keep cleaning and tidy. It’s their nature to do so. So, if they occasionally left their excrement somewhere else other than where it should be there, maybe something uncommon has happened to them.

The factors may include the disorder with their health or they are in the period of the rut. Take a careful look at your cats if there something abnormal appeared in their behaviors.

If the male cats start to scream at night, or the female cats incline to roll on the ground on a frequent basis, or usually lie on the ground and uplift their butts, they may have been in the rut.

If they do so like what we mentioned, you may need to find him/her a mate if they have such an inclination to start a family.
Or, if you do not wish to enlarge the fur family size, then you’d better give your cat the sterilization as early as possible.

a stiff faced cat

Chunlea Ju

The disease may also be the problem

On condition your cat suffers the sickness, their mental status will become evidently less good. Under such a condition, they will lose the ability to control urinating. The disease like panleukopenia or parvovirus will lead to their vomit or diarrhea.

When they appeared to have diarrhea, they will leave the excrement on the way to where the cat litter contains since they cannot control it.

Have their toilet well prepared

Furthermore, cats pay attention to their private toilet. It is a vital part of their inclination to tidiness. If the toilet you prepared for them is not good enough to satisfy them, then they will let you know that by hydraulically marking elsewhere they deem to be a right place as a toilet.

Take a look at the container for the cat litter is roomy enough and the quantity of litter is sufficient enough to hide the excrement.
Also, the toilet needs to be clean periodically even frequently. If it is not comfortable and clean enough to use as a toilet, they definitely feel the shortage of comfort, privacy, and security to use it. And this may also cause the problem.