Most of us cannot control the appetite for savory food. The situation does the same for the cats. Even most owners now will carefully choose nutritious and delicious food for their cats, they will still steal the food for some kind of reason.

On condition the cats gradually develop the habit of stealing the food and continue to eat after their natural dining time, some disorders like obesity they will suffer. So we need to take a look at such behavior of them and find out if we can do something for help.

Staring cat

Caleb Woods

Their nature decides

You may not be curious about the pets’ instinct nature of hiding items. So it does for the cats. They always have an intense curiosity which drives them to discover, to touch, or even to have a taste.

As for the food, no one can stop them to have a try to find out it is sweet or sour or bitter or any kind of flavor.

When their ancestors still reside in natural circumstances, they prefer to steal and hide the food once they found it. The reason they do this is the preparation for the sudden shortage of food supplies.

So, though their descendants now are accommodated by humans to live inside the house without the anxiety of famine, they will do so for their intrinsic characteristics.

What we can do here is keeping the food out of their reach. Unless we decide the right time to distribute the food in the proper amount, they don’t ever think about picking food themselves.

The precaution we can do here is setting up the pet fence at the entrance to the kitchen or anywhere they are not allowed to enter.

If you find your paws have stolen the food, stop them at once and let them know this is wrong. Spray the water to them will help them to remember that. Their conditioned reflex will let them realize that such behavior is not worthy to try.

Moreover, consider applying more appliances for them such as a cat tree or the toys you can play with them. This will help to distract them from the food and find more interest in their daily lives.

cat sticking tongue out
Shubhankar Sharma

They are really hungry

When coming to this kind of reason they steal the food, you should examine your feedings are proper or not. The norm of feeding is splitting the amount at several meals which are about 3 to 4 times a day.

Pair canned pet food with dried food, such a meal will combine the overall nutrition supply from the dried food with the fine taste and flavor from the canned food. No paws will have the reason to refuse such a meal.

With this kind of food combination, you cannot only increase their appetite for food at the dining time but also to effectively prevent food-stealing behavior.

So, once you find their food-stealing behavior, you have to stop them at once. Or, they may steal and eat some detrimental food like chocolate or squid which will cause the risk to their health.