As the coldness of winter is now long gone and we get to take off those thicker and overly cumbersome clothes, we should remember our kittens who also need to do that this season.

However, while we can tidy away those clothes, what they need to do is directly dispose of the old ones. You may get the point: they will shed a lot of fur in spring.

We aren’t sure if they will be annoyed by such a situation or not because it’s not something we need to do ourselves.

However, since it is an inevitable problem for them this season, why can’t we take some simple methods to handle it? And let us

and our fur babies better enjoy this spring together.

Yerlin Matu

Brushing and bathing will do the trick

Sometimes the shedding problem is not the outcome of climate or seasonal change. An improper bath wash for them will also cause them to shed significantly more than usual.

An appropriate bath wash will help to keep them from discomfort as well as nourish their fur and keep the fur luster.

You will also need to have an exclusive brush or comb for them. Cats with long fur will need to be groomed once a day while the ones with shorter fur can be taken care of once a week.

The brush here will also perform as a fur collector since all shedding fur will tangle on the brush. Instead of running after your kitty to collect the shedded fur to avoid it from scattering around the furniture and in the air, you can now dispose of them once and for all.

Another secret of grooming is your kitties actually like the feeling of being brushed. It will help to build a tighter emotional connection between you and your furry one.

cat and dog
Krista Mangulsone

Always feed them well with a nutritious diet

A poor diet will also cause an unusual or excessive fur shedding for your cats. Keep in mind to offer them the rational mix of nutrients it needs if you do not want to see their fur become coarser or less shiny.

Never forget the emotional factors

Don’t let your kitties remain under constant emotional stress, excitement, or terror. The negative emotions will be just as harmful as it is to the health of a human.

Offer them a sweet and quiet home to have enough rest and remain in a state of peace and ease as long as they need. This will be helpful to decrease the amount of fur shedding.

Mia Phoy

Skin health & cleanliness is always important

The proper amount of outside activities will enable your kitties to have a comfortable sunbath (ultraviolet rays are always the most natural way to prevent the growth of the germs). Also, giving them the opportunity to get some exercise will facilitate their metabolism to better help them stay healthy.

As we have mentioned above, choosing a proper bath wash will help to prevent skin diseases and help make their fur smooth and soft.

If excessive shedding is probably caused by a parasite, you’d better call the vet for consultancy and medication.