Do you like seeing movies, TV dramas, or enjoying electric gaming with friends? Most people love a relaxing time when laying in bed to see TV shows, sporting games or news. A good TV stand will level up experience when watching TV. Because a large LED television size beyond 55” will get a better watching experience when using a proper size TV stand. In addition, if you have professional audio equipment, matching TV media furniture is the icing on the cake. How to choose a proper TV stand? Here are some tips you can refer to:VASAGLE Barn Door TV Furniture

  1. Match your Television Size. To protect television and make a better viewing experience, a larger size TV stand is better than a small one. If you have a television in size from 40-50 inches, you should choose a TV stand in an extra-wide size (45-55 inches). Because the weight of every flat-screen television is not the same, sometimes a small TV table can not support the weight and will get cracked.
  2. A Good-viewing Height. If we up the head and crane the neck in a long time when watching TV, it will add more pressure on our spine and muscles (Trapezius and back). So, a good-viewing height is a very important factor when we choose a TV stand. What is a good-watching height? The total height of the screen and TV stand is equal (or a little higher) to the height when we sitting at an angle of 90 degrees on the sofa or bed. So that we can see the screen on a Horizontal level.
  3. Matching Style. A piece of improper furniture will ruin the harmony of your interior home design. Imagine that, a farmhouse countryside style furniture is placed in an extra-glam room. How wired. If you have a multi-element room and can not tell an exact home style. The transitional furniture will be a good idea. When you select the TV furniture for your house, think of the entire interior design. A matching style of TV furniture makes your viewing experience much better.
  4. Functions. For most families, TV furniture is not only an item to support the television but also a storage piece for books or media players. If you think the storage functions is a point when you purchasing TV furniture, the TV cabinet will be the best choice. To strength the practicality, some TV items are designed with a storage cabinet, drawers, open compartment and shelves. You can place books, magazines or CDs in the drawer or small cabinet.

Large TV Stand from VASAGLE

Where to Find TV Stand for Sale?

  1. Online site. More and more people prefer shopping online for the furniture they need. Because of the furniture online store, they can find different products of furniture without leaving home. It is so convenient that you can finish all the processing with your computer or smartphone. In addition, on the website, you also can see the customer reviews and feedback as a reference before purchasing.
    If you want to purchase an item of TV furniture online, you can search the phrase like “TV furniture” or “buy TV stand” in the searching bar and you can get many different results. Click the link to make a purchase and waiting for the shipping to your doorstep.
  2. Off-site store. Not satisfied with the long time shipping when shopping online? And not sure if the quality of the product from the online store? Yes, online shopping also has some shortcomings you can not avoid. The offline furniture store is still a good way to purchase furniture. As you purchase in the furniture store, you can see and test the quality of the furniture which you like.

Before going to a furniture store, search for the opening time and store address. And after the checkout, you can get the product without waiting for the shipment.

Industrial Design TV Furniture – A Unique Style

VASAGLE supply the unique industrial design TV furniture and entertainment center for sale in different items with different functions.

  • LTV50BX – a large TV stand with rustic industrial design for flat-screen television above 50 inches.
  • ULTV41BXV1 – a normal size television cabinet with sliding doors and wood shelves.
  • ULTV43BX – one multi-functional TV console unit with cabinet and adjustable shelves.

If you are interested in other TV furniture with a similar design, view the site to find more.