The short hair breed cats are common to most cat owners. They are irresistibly adorable for their fluffy figure. When you touch and sweep your hand through their fluff, you will become addicted to embrace them.

In consideration of your fur touching addiction, you have to carefully protect the softness and smoothness of their fur. And some details you need to pay attention to offer overall healthcare for them. Then, let’s proceed to those details.

cat on the grass


The seasons changing matters

The hormone will dramatically change along with the temperature and humidity changes of the seasons. And this significant change will lead to the fur shedding as well as new fur growth. It is just like our clothes changing in different seasons.

Maybe most cat owners will be continuously harassed by the fur shedding problem. No matter what you do to try to decrease the visual mess to the minimum, you have to admit that you are actually a follower of your cat.

In most circumstances, the only thing you can do is grab a container and collect their shedding fur. The best you can do is skincare for them, which may help you prevent overwhelm by the fur everywhere.

Beware of the malnutrition

The hormone change may also lead to specific nutrition deficiency, which is also a factor of fur shedding. The common case here would be protein deficiency or vitamin deficiency.

If you prefer to feed them sometimes with natural food, then you need to focus on a balanced diet. Same as what we have been doing to our diet, right? Consider adding some fish or meat periodically to their diet to offer sufficient protein.

As what fist meat can be helpful in the protein intake, adding some enzymes in their diet will help your cats have sufficient vitamins. It will also be helpful to prevent fur shedding.

touch the cat
Christin Hume

Be vigilant to the possible health problems

The cats are prone to suffer diseases. If they look to be lack of energy and appetite, they are probably sick. You’d better go to the vets for the health check and professional consultation.

As for cleaning the fur left on the furniture, you can get help with brush or velvet glove directly on your hand. Gently touch the cat and simultaneously clean off the shedding fur.

And in fact, the cats love to be touched gently.

Combing helps you receive the double gains

Don’t treat combing for your cats as trouble. If you persist in doing it as a habit, it will help to increase the connection between you and your cats. They will much prefer to cooperate with you on daily matters.

And that actually helps you saving time on caring for your cats since you no longer need to force and chase them to do something.
The combing will help to remove the fur which is about to shed. Also, it will prevent the fur to tangle up with each other.

Furthermore, it is also a massage for your cat. It will facilitate blood circulation, which is extremely vital for skin health. The sound skin health is key factor controlling the fur shedding amount.

the cat lying on the files
Tamar Waskey

Properly offer the bath for your cats

Some owners are eager to offer the bath once a day while some others ignore it and reluctant to do it. Don’t be so extreme, it is recommended that giving the bath every 4-6 weeks.

The bath based on high frequency will cause damage to the skin tissue which will lead to much severe fur shedding and increase the risk of skin diseases.

Apply pet exclusive shampoo for them

Since the pH value of the cat’s skin is neutral, the alkaline shampoo for human using is not suited for the cats.

Consider applying proper shampoo for them. The improper types will cause skin allergy, and the bath will have a reversed effect on their skin.