Regarding this matter, the insect repellent to the doges is divided into 2 types: in vitro (outside the living body) and in vivo (inside the living body.). According to the different growth stages, the frequency of the insect repellent will be varied.

Such a medical measure is commonly given after they stop to be given breast milk. When they reach 2 months old, you should consider giving immunization to your dog. In such a period, the proper immunization will help your dog increasing their immunity to resist various infectious diseases.

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The threat and relative counter solutions

Some common kinds of risky parasite for the dogs include vermiform mite, itch mite, ear itching mite, chigger mite, flea, tick, etc.. Regarding the question of how often we should give insect repellent to our dogs, there is no definite requirement for that.

You should do it based on the proper situations, the timely insect repellent will reach its best effect. The situations may include the time after your dog go outside and return, or after walking through the forest.

Since the outside circumstance is usually encompassed by different kinds of microorganism, too many unpredictable factors we cannot sure about which one will become the risk factors to our dogs. At that moment, we should do an overall insect repellent to our advantageous paws.

The common in vitro insect repellent measures is combing and showering. The kind of body wash you could choose is definitely the insect repellent type, it will help to decrease and control the amount of insect to the lowest level.

Also, you could choose the medical spray which could be used both on the exterior of their bodies and their living spaces which may also be the den for the parasites. Thus, the indoor living space for your dogs is basically avoided from the parasites.

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Take care of the details when decide to give insect repellent

Sure we know that the importance to do so. However, we cannot give medicine totally under our own judgment nor medicate them in a continuous duration.

Ask advice from the veterinarians is always recommended since they have thorough knowledge about when and how to give medicine or relative medical measures to our paws.

In general, the insect repellent should be implemented based on if there are any parasites hide under their furs. On the condition you notice the parasite has already existed on their body, then you should decisively help them getting rid of those harassing insects.

Also, just like what we have mentioned above, the body washes with the specific function of insect repellent are recommended.
Though you may spend some time and energy on doing such a thing, it is a necessity for us to do. Don’t be lazy since there are dozens of years to come for both of you to enjoy the time you stay together.