At the end of the year, one thing we all reach an agreement is that it is one of the busiest times of the year. However, we do it based on our own will and most of considering it as a labor of love. Yes! It is Christmas holiday everyone shares a joyful festive mood.

Have you begun working on your gift plan? Though I must confess that it is strenuous work for its requirement of time and energy investment as well as some ingenuity, it still deserves. The recipient must be your significant someone.

If the recipient here is a lady, then we do have some good functional stuff well matching with her jewelry to share in the article. The words here may take you several minutes to finish reading. Nonetheless, you may save more time on gift picking.

No more verbose, then let’s start!

hanging jewelry cabinetAll girls like to look into the mirror, get her one

It is no strange that girls need the mirror everywhere. When she is in her bedroom, no matter just awakening from a good dream or after a comfy bath, the first thing will be sitting before the mirror.

Maybe she needs to make sure the facial mask is appropriately applied on the face. Or she will apply some essence to tone up the gloss and tenderness of the facial skin.

When the time she needs to go outside, she still need a mirror at home to ensure the best makeup to make her look alive, adorable, or stylish. And there will a handy portable mirror in her handbag.

Maybe the mirror there is not necessary. On condition, she has the need to refine the makeup after dining outside or for some particular reasons, the mirror in the bag will be the most wanted item at that circumstance.

We’d like to recommend an item perfectly combined with the form with function. It will help her sort out all her precious dazzling items while bringing no anxiety of space occupation leading to room density.

This full mirror jewelry cabinet is snazzy even comparing with her beloved mobile when you have the first glance at its modern, simple silhouette. Don’t mistake it as a touchable screen. It is not that smart yet.

She may have it on the wall to deck up a blank wall to make it no more a dull canvas or attach it with the hangers to hide it behind the door.

Since the wall and the door renders the direct visual perception when we stay at the room, the full mirror there will make her feel extremely handy for its very precise existence at the right time, right place.

The door is lockable so she does not need to worry about the crash of the cabinet door when hanging behind the room door. The inside storing space is generously roomy.

The intentionally designed different types of slots and compartments will help to make her jewelry stay at their own place to prevent the tangling.

side open jewelry boxTidy up the tabletop if her vanity table is over-crowded

Has her tabletop been overwhelmed by a sea of your dazzling items? No matter she has ever grumbled about it to you or not, you now have the solution to deal with it.

The common problem for jewelry storage will be scratches, tangling, or even broken when they have a skirmish if being casually scattered or stayed together.

This complex jewelry storage organizer will do the trick for her jewelry storage.

It won’t take too much space on your vanity tabletop, all the magic is just inside. It is just like a comfy condo for her different sorts of dazzling residents.

Side open doors with hooks are for the necklaces. While the main hulk and bottom drawer with plenty of slots for your earrings, rings, and whatnots you have.

The interior mirror enables her to take a look at your matching effect of makeup and jewelry on the condition you don’t want to have a large mirror attached to your vanity table.

Yet, there is still a little secret inside. Once you need to go outside and unwilling to hold the whole box though it has been attached with the handle. There is a mini one inside which can be extracted.

Handy to take inside a handbag, functional with still a mirror inside, and stylish with an integrated profile as what it is outside, she is sure to feel good no matter with the box on the table or take it with her to some go-togethers with her besties.

6 slots watch boxIs she a fan of watch or bracelet

If the answer is yes, I would recommend selecting an exclusive box for her watches or bracelets.

Since no one said that the watches are the belongings only to the gentlemen, the girls will also addict to the delicately designed pattern of watch plate, the evenly soothing tick-tock sound, and fine touch of leather watchband or cool appearance of the steel one.

So, the watch box will also work for her if she has one or several watches. The velvet lining watch box will be a good abode for her watches. Considering that she may not be eager to spend too much budget on the watches, 6 slots would be sufficient.

If slots are unoccupied, she can utilize them for her bracelet storage. The small velvet pillow will also be competent to protect the bracelet from scratch.

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