Open Drawer Side Table ULET54X
Open Drawer Side Table ULET54XModern on the left, rustic on the right

As most furniture from VASAGLE is intended to be a sidekick to your current indoor situation, most of them will be in a comfortably understated profile to better commingle with your original home décor style.

They will be in a palette of earthy and more neutral colors to make them be less obtrusive, no matter if you’re pairing them with a modern or rustic home—just like this open drawer side table did for itself.

Supported by two trapezoid shelf-like table legs, it’s a well-rounded piece that unites form and function. The leg shape also draws the linear element from a minimalist essence to strike the balance between industrialism and rustic style.

The open front compartment with a raised edge table top floats on the legs to mimic the form of a cabinet. The walnut wood-like grains and fissures will remind you of the most intimate associations with mother nature.

Going back to the time we still used a large amount of logs for our cabin and all daily amenities, we enjoyed the touch, look, and excellent—albeit a little coarse—carpentry craftsmanship of those wooden pieces.

We haven’t forgotten that and never will we. So, you will like the wooden look combined with metal elements.

Open Drawer Side Table ULET54XUse the tables in a cabinet manner

Sure, you can use one table as a side table by the couch or as a nightstand by your king bed. If you like to continuously fuel up your cell or tablet, place a power strip nearby the compartment and secure the wire on the side trapezoid leg. The geometric structure now finds another function as a reliable wiring shelf.

The other piece of magic of the leg is that it will enable the table to stack up as a cabinet with another one of these pieces if you would like to do so. In consideration of the generous inner space of the compartment, two of them will have your plentiful of space to hide your whatnots away from your sight.

The height of two stacked table still leaves the table top available to use. Don’t forget to make the most of that surface for your grab-and-go items.