The fall is so cozy that we’d rather forget the long-lasting scorching heat we’ve suffered in the summer and intentionally avoid mentioning of the coldness shortly after the fall. However, we still need to prepare for the next seasonal needs.

Among all those needs, the clothes storage would be the priority in your task schedule. Pack away the short sleeves and all garments relative with shorts and find out the thick coat and all garments relative with warmness.

That would not be easy since the length, thickness, flexibility of different types of clothes require different treatments. We will suddenly realize that the storage space and solution are in such a severe shortage.

If you’ve been stymied by the current insufficient clothes storage at home, you will find something truly useful in the following words.

portable clothes closetGet another if one wardrobe is not enough

I’m sure that all of us will get mad if we do not have a wardrobe at home. They do really help us to prevent the clothes scattering around here and there. They’ve been proved to be a tried-and-true solution for whatever garments being put in.

We need at least one wardrobe at home. Nonetheless, you will soon learn that your desire for new clothes and the decision of buying action can always prevail when comparing with your awareness of the storage.

Once you start with stashing away the unseasonal clothes, you may sigh for the awkward we talked above. So, if one wardrobe is not enough (we presume it is a fixed one which cannot be moved or upgraded), find yourself another one.

It may take extra space to locate in. However, that would be nothing to be worried about especially comparing with the mess of clothes everywhere.

Then you will need a wardrobe easy to be detached and fast to assemble for your seasonally temporary need. This portable clothes closet will be our choice.

The whole structure is nothing special but the frame consisting of the supporting bar and fabric coverings. Even being placed aside in your previous wardrobe, you will be pleased with the sight of them being together.

The main room with hanging bars is suitable for long ones. Considering have some storage box in that main area to add extra handy space for storing your little items. The side separated rooms will help your foldable textiles find their home.

If you have an in-wardrobe organizer, it will help to create an independent and exclusive VIP room for your underwear and socks.

magic hangerEven the hanging bar inside the wardrobe can also be extendable

When we talk about the extendable here, it does not refer to the length of the hanging bar in the wardrobe. If space cannot be extended horizontally, why not turn for extending it vertically.

Sure the classic clothes hangers can be hanged one by one tightly on the bar for a few more clothes, then this magic hanger with slots can help you extend the bar.

The slots on each hanger create extra 5 affiliated hangers for your clothes abound. The firm hook supports the hanger to be hung at just one end. That means you’ve made each inch on the bar fivefold.

Once you open the wardrobe with those special hangers, you will no longer find the cookie-cutter common hangers there but a marvelous complex hanging project for the sea of your clothes slant parallel on the vertical space. And several of them will further help you to divide and conquer different clothes types.

industrial pipe garment rackThe hanging bar outside the wardrobe is functional and chic

The clothes inside the wardrobe will be the ones with less using frequency or no more needed in the coming season. However, we need several clothes with different thickness outside to cope with the temperature fluctuation along with the days and nights and the seasons changing.

If you have any slight fondness or curiosity about the industrial style at home, then you will like this pipe structured garment rack.

The combination of pipes, fittings, and adaptors is another classic embodiment of the industrial style. It will no longer be used for water supply here but a low-key complement to your original room style and the complement to your clothes storage.

With wood bottom storage layer, storage boxes, shoes, ironing machine, and any other outfits could be placed there. Plus functional mobility by the casters underneath, it is just an art of clothes hanging storage.